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Aug 19

Friday TMCI TV with Chris Wilson: Conference, Don’t Miss It!

Aug 18

Eagles Rest International Ministries — Doug and Jill Nelson

This is your opportunity to help. Monsoons Bring Flooding to Northern Thailand Two weeks of constant rain resulted in massive flooding in the MaeSai, Thailand, area. The Mekong Bible Training Center’s large garden is underwater, the fish pond has overflowed its banks, and caring for the livestock is challenging. These are all items important to the Center personnel …

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Aug 16

Tuesday TMCI TV with Bishop Mitch Martinez: Growth, part 3

Aug 12

Friday TMCI TV with Bishop Mitch Martinez: Growth part 2

Aug 11

Mission to the Children — Troy Guild

Mission to the Children “Changing our World One Life at a Time” The ranch is green and beautiful once again. After cutting the grass three times, it takes shape and looks like a golf course. I love it. We spent ten days cleaning out the drainage ditch and it withstood two big storms like a …

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Aug 11

Grace Christian Outreach — Kevin and Sylvia Rosendahl

Dear Friends,God’s blessings to all of you! What a blessing it is to be a childof the Living God! We have a Father in heaven who loves uswith an unconditional love, wants to give us the desires ofour heart, goes ahead of us opening doors for us as we followHis lead, protects us from the …

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Aug 10

New Hope Children’s Foundation

NATIONAL TEACHER’S DAY On Tuesday, June 28th, National Teacher’s Day was celebrated in Nicaragua. Not only are the teachers acknowledged for the hard work they are doing, but they are given a day off as well. MTC’s student body celebrated this day by honoring each teacher for their intricate and diligent work and to let …

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Aug 10

UFA Bible Ministries — Stas Karpenko

They held their peace and glorified Acts 11 portrays to us a vivid picture of the battle betweenold-testament-way of life and worship and the new ones.Although born again and baptized the Jewish-wing of thechurch was reluctant to give up the old ways of doing things.They didn’t even preach the good news to non-Judeans (:19).Even though …

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Aug 09

Tuesday with Bishop Mitch Martinez: Growth, part 1/3

Aug 05

Invitation and Announcement Bishop Mitch: TMCI Annual Conference 2022

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