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Sep 18

An Important Update and Request from the Szymanski Family

Dear Friends, Water WoesI know this ministry report is a little over due. We have been very busy working on different ministry projects. My latest ministry project came out of my complaining about our water supply for our home. Our tap water is not drinkable so we have to pay for the large bottles of …

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Sep 02

Mission to the Children, Troy Guild

Mission to the Children “Changing our World one life at a time” August has been a long month for me. It has been six months since Imelda has left, and this month was hard for me. I was hoping with time the pain would subside a little, but it has not.  I am OK just …

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Sep 02

September 2020 From the Rosendahls

GRACE CHRISTIAN OUTREACH MINISTRIES Dear Friends, All of us have been through various times of trial during these last five months due to the coronavirus epidemic. Some people’s trials have been harder and more difficult than others. The good news is that God has promised us that His goodness and mercy will follow us all …

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Jun 01


Dear Friends, God bless all of you! We pray that you are feeling the calm at the end of the storm as states open up again, step by step, after this trying challenge of the coronavirus. We also pray that the effects of the corona virus on your family and financial livelihood were slim to …

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May 15

Excellent Report from the Szymanski Family in Mexico

Dear Friends, I know many people feel they are just waiting in limbo under these lock down rules. We ourselves have been in lock down for 11 weeks now. It is difficult but don’t let it stop you. Over the last Month Maricruz has been organizing a prayer event that she organized and held from …

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May 14

3. Otra palabra de aliento de LIMI-TMCI

Apr 30

Special-May Report from the Rosendahls, Mexico

Dear Friends, May 2020 God’s blessings to all of you! I am sure you can all agree with me that the last month or so has been very difficult in many ways – having to stay inside, lines to buy food, businesses being shut down, many sick and dying – but if we look deeper, …

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Apr 20

News From The Szymanski Family, Mexico

  Dear Friends, Please continue to pray for us. The radio ministry here is really having a large impact on our city and surrounding communities. People are in lock down with nothing to do. Most Mayans don’t have television so they listen to the radio. We have been receiving message after message from people who …

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Mar 09

Latest Report from the Szymanski Family in Mexico

Dear Friends, We have been having such a good time ministering the past 2 months. Hundreds of people have given their lives to the Lord. The radio ministry has produced so much good fruit. Sunday nights we have a discipleship group in our home. It is packed, we have 30 chairs and people still need …

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Feb 28


Dear Friends, God bless all of you! I recently got back from an incredible ministry trip to central Mexico where God touched many, many lives and many hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ! Thanks for praying for this ministry trip and for your donations to help us accomplish it. We never cease to …

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