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Apr 15

God Is Speaking, Stas Karpenko, Russia

Ufa Bible Ministries    April 2020 Prayer Letter There were times in history when God spoke clearly and undisguisedly. He tore the curtain in the temple to depict the truth that everyone can now come into fellowship with Him. He destroyed the temple in 70 AD to express the idea of a new spiritual temple, …

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Apr 07

March Report from the Johnsons in Galway, Ireland

Greetings from lock-down in Galway. What an interesting time we are living in right now! COVID-19 has reared it’s ugly head and spread all over the place, infecting people, and bringing death in it’s wake. As a result, Ireland has been on a lock-down. It started off that we weren’t able to shake hands or …

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Mar 28

PRAISE!! re: from Richard Wiggins, TMCI Missionary in Nigeria

Well like you folks in America we here in Nigeria are locked down. Our cases as reported are small. However I suspect there are alot more than reported due to lack of proper medical expertise. Our prayer is for sustained protection. We are fully trusting God for that. THANKS to all who gave! We purchased …

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Mar 09

Special Opportunity to Help with ESL School, UFA Bible Ministries , Russia

Dear Praying Friends,   What was the farthest point on earth you have sent the package to? We thought to share with you another opportunity to serve the people of Ufa, Russia through sending a package. You with your church or bible group can prepare and send a box filled with stuff for our ESL …

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Mar 09

February Report and Prayer Requests, Ufa Bible Ministries, Russia

ESL SCHOOL February was a real challenge for the students in our school. Two weeks out of four was a quarantine (sick days school closings) because of the flu outbreak in Ufa. Then we had 24th as a day off because February 23rd is Men’s Day in Russia – federal holiday. We’ve had only 9 …

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Feb 28


Dear Friends, God bless all of you! I recently got back from an incredible ministry trip to central Mexico where God touched many, many lives and many hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ! Thanks for praying for this ministry trip and for your donations to help us accomplish it. We never cease to …

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Jan 28

Report on Imelda’s Health–Mission to the Children

Mission to the Children “Changing our World One Life at a Time” First, I want to thank you all for your prayers and give you an update on Imelda. For those of you who may not be aware of Imelda’s sickness, she has been very sick since right after Thanksgiving. She is very yellow and …

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Dec 11

Ufa Bible Ministries, Stas Karpenko, Russia

As we look back over 2019 we give thanks to the Lord for all His mercy and grace that were encompassing us through the year. We praise him for those opportunities to share the gospel, especially with young and indigenous people. As we look forward, we would ask you to pray for continuation of our …

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Aug 15

Report from the “Rez” with Justin and Ashli Galloway

August 14, 2019 Psalm 126 The summer has slipped away and school is starting here this week.  We are excited to see summer arrive because it brings teams to the Rez to assist in activities.  We are excited to see summer go because attendance increases at the churches because families are not travelling. August 2019 …

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Aug 06

Important Report from Russia-Stas Karpenko

Feel the field: Challenges  We’ve seen an influx in persecutions in Russia lately. Every month we hear about raids into churches by masked SWAT-type teams. They search for ‘’illegal spiritual activities’’ and terrorism chargers. Both are closely tied. Pastors and leaders are fined for “not properly marked Bibles” and “unproper proselytism”. There are several churches …

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