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Sep 02

September 2020 From the Rosendahls

GRACE CHRISTIAN OUTREACH MINISTRIES Dear Friends, All of us have been through various times of trial during these last five months due to the coronavirus epidemic. Some people’s trials have been harder and more difficult than others. The good news is that God has promised us that His goodness and mercy will follow us all …

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Aug 21

Beautiful Harvest August Update with the Galloways

August 20, 2020 Psalm 126 I think it is fair to say that our family and the ministry has taken on a new rhythm at this point.  As I write this we are just past the 5 month mark of lockdowns and ceased face to face large group ministry.  July has become one of our …

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Aug 19

August 2020 Update from the Varga’s

Newsletter Robert and Joy Varga…August 2020.Dear loved ones and friends,God bless you and greetings from Paraguay…Since our last newsletter on the very beginning of June,many things have changed, but before we go into that…💛The Lord put it on my heart to share some verses from Psalm 33 with you all.For those of you who might not have …

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Aug 05

Greetings from The Johnsons in Galway

Greetings from Galway! We hope you’re well. This month we had a horrible scare that God ended up speaking to us through in a pretty powerful way. Many of you know how much our pets mean to us. So, it was very stressful to find out our indoor cat Eowyn was missing late one Wednesday …

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Jul 27

Short Report from The Wiggins in Nigeria

Praise God we have rain for the crops. Please pray for an abundant harvest. Many here are very hungry. We will begin first harvest of potatoes within next two weeks. Rice, maize and yam still have a way to go. Pray that during harvest and distribution God opens hearts to here the Gospel and receive.

Jun 01


Dear Friends, God bless all of you! We pray that you are feeling the calm at the end of the storm as states open up again, step by step, after this trying challenge of the coronavirus. We also pray that the effects of the corona virus on your family and financial livelihood were slim to …

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Jun 01

May Report from Stephanie Baughman, Tasmania, Australia

Dear Friend, I hope this letter finds you well. Here is your May update a day late. Yesterday was Pentecost. In honor of that, one of the Scriptures I’ve been reflecting on this morning is Galatians 5. When the Holy Spirit came to dwell in the believers, His fruit was a manifestation of that as …

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Jun 01

News from Renaissance Outreach Ministries-Uganda and Nepal with Jan Beaderstadt

The Covid-19 continues to be a nightmare for the world today. As I write this article, Nepal and Uganda remained locked down. In Nepal, police roam the streets, enforcing the curfew against those who would dare to venture out. In both countries, the lockdown has been extended to around the first of June, with no …

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May 15

Excellent Report from the Szymanski Family in Mexico

Dear Friends, I know many people feel they are just waiting in limbo under these lock down rules. We ourselves have been in lock down for 11 weeks now. It is difficult but don’t let it stop you. Over the last Month Maricruz has been organizing a prayer event that she organized and held from …

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May 05

April Report from Stephanie Baughman, CEF Missionary in Tasmania, Australia

G’Day Friend, How are you as we settle into somewhat of a new normal during this pandemic? I hope you are staying well. Let me know if you have family affected by COVID so that I may pray for them. How are you spending your time these days? As the world has slowed down, have …

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