March 2019 archive

Teaching Time with Judy Covington: The Story of the Whole Bible

Pastor Jerry Bowers: Mandate for the Harvest

March Report from Mission to the Children-Guilds

FOOD DISTRIBUTION Our food Kitchen is up and running. Thanks to all your donations our facility is better than it was before the robbery.  Our contractor was able to do some additional work for the same price, and he even did some work for free just to help us out, so now in addition to …

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Bishop Coulter: Weekly Encouragement – Seeking His Presence, or “Is the grass growing in your path?”


UFA Bible Ministries, Russia

Who wants to be a missionary in Ufa Spring has come to Ufa! There are still huge piles of snow along the roads and sidewalks but the first day of spring brought in warmer temperatures that melt the snow. ESL school We haven’t written too much about our school for a while. God for sure …

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Bishop Jim Reyes: Encouragement from John 14:27