June 2020 archive

Heavenly Realities: Encouragement from Bishop Coulter

The Beginning of the Life of Jesus: Judy Covington, Teaching Time

Praying the Word Ministries: ZIMBABWE update

THANK YOU!! To those who have invested, given for Zimbabwe, THANK YOU. We are making a difference, but more is needed. The situation worsens politically and affects everyone. I just got off the phone with Bishop Emmanuel Bawa from Zimbabwe, Africa. As we were sharing about what is going on in our lives, and what …

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Encouragement from Bishop Coulter: Don’t Get Weary

Don’t Hinder God: Encouragement from Bishop Coulter

Do NOT Conform: Encouragement from Bishop Coulter


Dear Friends, God bless all of you! We pray that you are feeling the calm at the end of the storm as states open up again, step by step, after this trying challenge of the coronavirus. We also pray that the effects of the corona virus on your family and financial livelihood were slim to …

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May Report from Stephanie Baughman, Tasmania, Australia

Dear Friend, I hope this letter finds you well. Here is your May update a day late. Yesterday was Pentecost. In honor of that, one of the Scriptures I’ve been reflecting on this morning is Galatians 5. When the Holy Spirit came to dwell in the believers, His fruit was a manifestation of that as …

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News from Renaissance Outreach Ministries-Uganda and Nepal with Jan Beaderstadt

The Covid-19 continues to be a nightmare for the world today. As I write this article, Nepal and Uganda remained locked down. In Nepal, police roam the streets, enforcing the curfew against those who would dare to venture out. In both countries, the lockdown has been extended to around the first of June, with no …

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