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Acts of Hope! Discipling Nations with Zebbie Wheelock

Understanding the Kingdom of God -part 2 Gabriele Gilpin

Tuesday Encouragement with Bishop Coulter

2021 TMCI Annual Conference – Transformational!

GO TO WEB PAGE: https://www.tmciworld.com/annual-conference.html The whisper, the shout, the sound we have heard trumpeted is “transformational” TRANSFORM: a: to change in composition or structure; b: to change the outward form or appearance of; c: to change in character or condition ; CONVERT TRANSFORM implies a major change in form, nature, or function COME! Expect …

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Listen! Encouragement from Bishop Bob

Interview with Connie Kesner

Gabriele Gilpin Series: Understanding Kingdom part 1

Gabriele Gilpin: Soaring Eagles International Ministry

Know the Mysteries: Encouragement from Bishop Coulter

TMCI TV Video: https://youtu.be/ls-Wj5otDCw?rel+0

Exclusive Maryal Boumann Interview: Pray California! Pray Pray Pray.

CLICK TO VIEW INTERVIEW: https://youtu.be/l8uQXz_UzSg We are so excited to introduce you to Maryal Boumann of Pray California! She has an amazing testimony and ministry! To keep up with her ministry make sure to visit: https://praycalifornia.org/