February 2022 archive

Hope Ireland Missions Update

Greetings loved ones! We’re so excited about this new yearand new season we’re stepping into. The Lord has been speaking to us inso many ways, confirming, supporting, encouraging, and directing us. AsHe reveals the next step in the greater vision He’s put on our hearts, weeagerly plan and pray for those He’s called us to …

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Troy Guild, Mission to the Children

Mission to the Children “Changing our world one Life at a Time” Two years ago today, Imelda went to heaven. I am thankful God healed her completely. She was a great wife, great mother, best friend, and a very Godly woman. Her life impacted many people, and she is greatly missed. Thank you, Imelda, for …

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Friday TMCI TV with Bishop Bawa: Relax! Don’t Worry.

Tuesday Encouragement with Bishop Mitch Martinez – Hope in Christ

Friday TMCI TV with Bishop Charlie Wynn: Faith Builder or Faith Breaker? Part 2

Tuesday Encouragement with Chris Wilson, Walking On The Word Ministries: God’s Love Language

Jackie Settle Dreams for Haiti

Church December was a very busy time for the Church. There were children’s programs and special activities. My favorite happening though was a very special baptism in the ocean. Baptism in the ocean. Don’t you love the fishing boat in the back ground? Matthew 4:19 – And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I …

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Friday TMCI TV with Bishop Charlie Wynn: Faith Builder or Faith Breaker? Part 1

Hannah Hunter Missionary to Kenya January Newsletter

Sophie, 8 was born normal. At 6 months she contracted cerebral malaria. Drooled and could not speak. When I laid my hand on her head and prayed a demon screamed and threw her off my lap. With her mother present we got her delivered. She no longer drools and is forming words. We just completed …

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Tuesday Encouragement: Doug Wilson, Walking On The Word Ministries – Arise and Shine!