March 2022 archive

Friday TMCI TV Interview with Bishop Mike Swearingen: Kneeology

Tuesday Encouragement with Matt Grossman of Rebuilt Ruins Ministries: Facebook Can’t Sensor God!

Friday TMCI TV: Distract, Discourage, Disable with Cheryl Coulter: Part 3

Tuesday with Cheryl Coulter: Distract, Discourage, Disable – Part 2

Troy Guild Mission to the Children

“Changing our World one Life at a Time”    Praise the Lord, me and Lis have been very busy. Thanks to the support of others, we were able to go to a Pastor’s Conference at the beach.  It was so refreshing to go sit back and just receive what the Lord has for you. It …

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Friday TMCI TV with Cheryl Coutler: Distract, Discourage, Disable – Part 1

Tuesday Encouragement with Bishop Jerry Bowers: New Wine Skin Mandate!

Friday TMCI TV Interview with Juliet Bawa-TMCI Women of Africa: Known By Love

Stas Karpenko Ufa Bible Ministries

Every time the dark times comeeveryone starts to seek for thetruth. Holocaust, 9/11, thecoronavirus pandemic etc.People start to think there got tobe something to cling to. Well,we know what it is. It’s theChurch. Established by God tobe the pillar and ground of thetruth on this earth until Hisreturns. Far more than your localfellowship it spans …

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Tuesday Encouragement with Bishop Angie Connor Hicks: Release and Forgive