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Friday TMCI TV with Doug Wilson: Appointed, Anointed, Chosen

Tuesday Encouragement with Matt Grossman: Walk on Water

New Hope Children’s Foundation — David and Rose Ford

AMAZING TRIP TO NICARAGUA!!! My wife’s Rose’s recent mission trip to Nicaragua changed lives… including her own!!!We used to struggle for interpreters when we started New Hope back in 2001. But, over the years, things changed until… we are blessed to have our daughter Charity interpret for us. We have been proud of how her …

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Stephanie Baughman — Tasmania

Tasmanian Update As America enjoys summer, Good News Clubs in Tasmania have just finished Term 2. This Term God has brought growth in numbers to the club in the downtown area and new leaders as we have had to say goodbye to two of our faithful workers. The boys and girls plunged deeply into lessons …

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Grace Christian Outreach — Kevin and Sylvia Rosendahl

Dear Friends,God’s blessings to all of you! In many ways it seems like ourworld is out of control. When you see the news, it is hard tobelieve the things that are happening. Signs continue tohappen showing us that Christ’s return is getting closer andcloser. Along with the signs are the shakings that are going onto …

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UFA Bible Ministries — Stas Karpenko

The churches…had peace If you take out the namesreading the gospels and thebook Acts, you may get afeeling you are reading thesame book! Preaching,persecution, healing, raisingfrom the dead. Well, theanswer is on the surface – it isthe same Jesus in all thesebooks. He was bound by timeand place in the gospels and Hewas unbound in …

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Dreams for Haiti

So much news! Where to begin?? Containers… lots of them After shipping 2 containers in January a third one containing food was shipped in February.  After the 2 containers arrived in Haiti they were sitting on the dock waiting for the inspector to approve them and a gang came and emptied both containers, dumped out boxes, …

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Friday TMCI TV with Doug Wilson: Chosen and Appointed

Chris and Larena Johnston — Ireland

We Finally Have The Keys!!! Greetings loved ones! The time has finally come for us tocelebrate a major victory! After months of back and forth with lawyers,fine tuning of contracts, and negotiations, we’ve finally secured the spacein Galway City center that we’ve been dreaming of for many years! Lastmonth we shared the story about how …

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Carlos and Emily Romero — Guatemala

Transition in life is inevitable! Our family is experiencing much transitionthis summer…now we will have our sons David and Jonathan in Texas, whileEmily, Analynne and I will stay in Guatemala. This time, after Jonathan left, our family has been very emotional.The house is quiet, his room is so empty, and we have been adapting to …

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