Bro Mike: A Little Kneeology – Proverbs 20:12 12   “ Ears to hear and eyes to see—both are gifts from the Lord.”

Many of us attended the TMCI Annual Conference in Lancaster, SC last week and received some awesome teachings about cultivating our spiritual gifts.  Great fellowship was had and awesome, Spirit-led preaching was certainly the call of the day.  Not only did we experience the presence of the Holy Spirit with our ears in hearing His direction for each of us but we were able to experience with our eyes the working of the Spirit in the people around us and within us.

By Saturday morning the majority had left for home or their next assignment from God.  As He had gifted us to experience the mighty presence of the movement of the Holy Spirit with our eyes, ears, and heart, as I was driving home I was thinking what would be the very best thing that could result from such a witnessing of the movement of the Holy Spirit and what would be the very worst thing that could result.

Of course, the very best thing would be for us to return to our ministries on fire for the gospel and be used to bring many others to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The very best thing would be to set our ministries, our churches, and the lives of others on fire for God and to see the manifestations of the Holy Spirit take over the lives of the people with which we would come in contact.  I continued to think of things such as revival, our nation being taken over by Holy fire, churches actually becoming temples of the Lord instead of cold mausoleums for the frozen chosen, missions blossoming all over the world, and the list just continued to flow and God showing me that there would be no end to the movement of His Holy Spirit upon the world.  It was truly exciting .  I found myself anxious for God to use me and for the Holy Spirit to get anything within me  that was in the way of His moving completely out of the way regardless of the pain.

But then, I began to think about what would be the most negative thing that could happen now that the conference was over and we were all leaving the awesome presence that we had experienced.  All  I could see in my mind was a big empty and blank square, indicating that nothing was happening, nothing was within the square.  I realized that vision was revealing what would happen if we did not take back to our ministries and churches, to the people, what we had seen and heard at the TMCI Annual Conference.  The most horrible possible thing that could occur is “nothing”. 

“Nothing” is happening right now throughout the world because we are not allowing our mouths to witness to what we have seen and heard and know what is true.  Jesus Christ, forgiveness, and the power of transformation through the Holy Spirit are still among the best kept secrets in the universe.   God has given us the gifts of hearing and seeing and the gifts of speech.  We must use these gifts to tell others about the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to change lives.  We seem to feel that because the church has been silent for so long that it should be the norm.  What has become the norm is a crippled and lifeless group of people who are content for nothing to happen. In fact, when something happens it disrupts the norm so badly that chaos takes hold.  We have to allow our mouths and our lives to bear witness to that which our ears have heard and our very own eyes have seen.

I pray that we go forth with nothing not being an option as nothing produces nothing.  Just a thought.

NOTW…Bro. Mike