A Little Kneeology…… John 1:50 (NLT) “…. You will see greater things than this.”

A Little Kneeology……  John 1:50 (NLT) “…. You will see greater things than this.”           

A couple of weeks ago while attending the TMCI annual conference in Lancaster, SC, I was listening to some folks discuss Bishop Ben Covington and as they did I began to be reminded of my experiences with him.  Later that same day, Sister Judy Covington spoke of some founding events as TMCI was being birthed and subsequent years of development.  I was reminded of the above words of Jesus and the promise He was making for those who would just believe and obey.  Certainly, Bishop Ben and Sister Judy believed and obeyed the words and leading of Jesus as they began and guided TMCI into the ministry that it is today.  They knew through the promise of Jesus that they would provide for others to see greater things with and through TMCI than they themselves have seen and, praise God, we have seen that continue on through Bishop Bob and others within the leadership of TMCI.

In the days and years to come we must perpetuate the promise and continue to follow the leading of Jesus and move in the directions which the Holy Spirit moves us with the same goal and provision.  In fact, we as individual ministries must focus on the same.  I firmly believe that if God called us to a certain ministry, we should do everything in obedience and with the desire to provide its continuance beyond our years and time on this side of the Kingdom.

I don’t know where I heard the saying that “no man is an island” but it is true.  As our ministries have an effect on the lives and souls of folks today, should they not be continued for the future?  I have spoken to several folks that seem to have had very little concern for their ministry beyond themselves.  Is that being a good steward of God’s blessings?  I had one mention that he wanted to keep the ministry going until he could retire.  What about beyond?  It seems that we sometimes take the worldly view of ministry being a job or profession instead of a calling to establish a foothold for the work of God.  Jesus cursed the fig tree that failed to bear fruit, to continue beyond the seasons past.  I know that God does not waste His blessings, nor should we. 

It is my prayer that everyone who left the conference will not only realize the need to perpetuate their ministry beyond themselves but will also persuade others to do the same.  TMCI is such an awesome tool for that purpose as we encourage people to submit themselves to the ministry or for current membership to broaden their areas of ministry as God leads. I recently talked to a brother who was retiring from ministry and found him to be delighted as he said, “Praise God it is all over now. No more sermons, no more counseling, just doing what I want to.”  Not only did my heart break for him, wondering just how long he had been so miserable, but also hurting for all the folks that his ministry touched and praying that they don’t feel abandoned.

The Word speaks of us not thinking of ourselves better than we really are and to be honest in our evaluation of ourselves, so then, should our ministry calling solely rest or end with us.  It is most important that we take the attitude of Bishop Ben, Sister Judy, Bishop Bob and the leadership team of TMCI and seek to be constantly renewing the workers preparing the harvest.  We are all called to complete submission to service to the Kingdom and a great part of that is the act of making new disciples and developing new workers for the vineyard.  Let us not get so self-focused that we fail to provide for the next season.  

NOTW…Bro. Mike