Kneeology: Steer clear of the barking dogs and religious busybodies

A Little Kneeology…… 

(Msg)  Philippians 3:2  Steer clear of the barking dogs, those religious busybodies, all bark and no bite. All they’re interested in is appearances—

Last week I was in Galveston, TX ministering at the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally, one of the largest in the nation.  Bikers For Christ set up prayer and blessing stops throughout the rally, praying for folks and praying over their bikes.  We had banners up that simply said, “Need Prayer – Stop Here”.  We greeted folks as they walked by saying “God Bless You” and when we recognized a veteran, we said, “Thank You For Your Service.”  We did not hand out tracs to litter the ground, but did have some Biker Bibles for those who requested.  We ministered to thousands each day, prayed with many.

Across the street were a group of non-bikers from the city who were dressed in prayer shawls, holding signs and banners of poles that spoke of God’s hate of sin and consequently God’s hate for the sinner.  They shouted at folks who were going down the sidewalks and street drinking beer, smoking, or even some of the women who might be dressed rather skimpy how God despised them and how they were.  The police intervened several times and finally an officer was stationed with them to keep the angry public from attacking them.  I found myself wanting to thump them on the head pretty hard as they offered no recourse for God’s grace.  They were stepping out in front of traffic, nearly causing some bikers to go down.

A young woman who was selling beer at a stand near our location came up to me and said, “That is what has kept me from the church.  I love the way your people handle themselves and it is an encouragement to me.”  I replied, “We try to use the ‘Jesus method’. Surprisingly, she said, “That’s the kind of people that put Jesus on the Cross.”

I guess what I am saying is, she might or might not have been a Christian but at least she knew what she expected a Christian to act like.  As evangelists and ministers we must follow the example of Jesus when ministering.  Our goal should always be to bring focus on Jesus, not ourselves.  Our purpose must not be on our church or organization but on the Kingdom of God.  Although God despises sin, we must speak of repentance, forgiveness, and grace.  We must offer hope for all.

As I thought back on the words of the young lady, I had to agree that I too had been accosted by such folks in my younger days and that kept me from desiring to have anything to do with church, and for that matter, Christians.  People that are broken, chained to the ways of sin, who are searching for truth need to know the true Jesus, not that which is conjured up by religious zealots.

In all things let us show the Jesus that the woman at the well encountered. He spoke of her sin, offered grace, and then sent her off to tell others about Him.

NOTW…Bro. Mike