A Little Kneeology

A Little Kneeology.….. Acts 19:13 (Msg) Some itinerant Jewish exorcists who happened to be in town at the time tried their hand at what they assumed to be Paul’s “game.” They pronounced the name of the Master Jesus over victims of evil spirits, saying, “I command you by the Jesus preached by Paul!”

I really love this passage of Scripture about the sons of Sceva and their trying to do the things of God without His anointing and power. It also serves to me as a reminder that unless it is all about God from beginning to end, don’t try it. We all should be familiar with the caution in Romans 11:25 of thinking too highly of ourselves and likewise, our authority and power. If our spiritual cord is not plugged in to the power of God we had better think twice about taking on the devil and his demons. Consequently, it also reminds me that unless I keep my focus on that which He has empowered and called me to then it is going to be blessed. It is when I get to thinking that I am going to do things my way and that “I disease” infects His ministry with “My ministry” I am going to see trouble for sure. The sons of Sceva sought to use the name of Jesus based on what they had heard of instead of a faith testimony of what they have experience personally of the power of God. Although it is great to hear, to know of what others have experienced of the Gospel but until we have that inner first-hand experience of the power of God, until we have submitted ourselves fully as a vessel of His power, we are operating on empty. A few weeks ago, God gave me a word that has become very vital to my daily ministry effort, “To experience Me, You must be where I am!” As a result of that word, I make sure to make several audits of my position daily, checking to see if I am trying to do things on my effort or am I submitting everything to God’s directions and plan. I could fill many journal pages with testimony of times that I tried do things on my own and likewise many more pages of successful ministry as I submitted myself to the Lord’s provision and power. I am sure that I have gone the long way around saying that as long as we move in the direction of God’s individual plan for us, in faith, and not moving on someone else’s success of ministry, then and only then can do the work that He has given us. It seems to be a fad of folks reading or hearing about another’s success in a particular ministry and then our trying to jump off into the same without the calling and without the anointing for that particular ministry. Let’s be sure to submit ourselves to that which He has called us and empowers us. Amen?

NOTW…Bro. Mike