‘You’ meant evil; God meant good: Kneeology from Bro. Mike for May 18

A Little Kneeology….. Genesis 50:20 (NASB) You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result”.

Last week, Tuesday morning, my daughter Michelle, who manages the missions side of Rushing Wind went out to open our shower trailer for use by the homeless only to find out that the power cord had been cut, sawed off.


They had removed about 25 feet of some very expensive wire that powered the a/c, water heater, lights and fans. We had to turn away several people over a three-day period due to an inoperable shower. But when the word hit the street, immediately the local television station responded by doing a spot on the local news and twelve electrical companies also responded.


The company that did the work did not charge us a dime and not only repaired it but added security lighting that was badly needed as well. Each company told us that if we ever needed anything to call them. I must admit that when we first discovered the vandalism, I was upset. However, the Holy Spirit told me to sit and chill.


One of our clients said, “I bet you would like to just have five minutes with whoever did ya’ll wrong, huh?” It appears I had been asked that question several times during the next couple of days in one form or another. I even had several describe what would happen if the street people would find who had cut the wire because it was hurting them.  As I was sitting and thinking about the whole mess, his words and like statements echoed in my mind.


I then asked myself, “What would I do with those five minutes?” My daughter asked, “Dad, what are you feeling?” I replied by telling her that if I had five minutes with whoever, I would share Jesus with them in hopes that their heart would be changed. I would not wish them harm but a transformed heart.  One person said that they did not understand why I didn’t get angrier and asked why I was taking it so calmly? I replied that my anger and subsequent action would have interrupted God’s plan. I explained that the Holy Spirit told me that God had a plan to take what was meant for evil against His work and use it as an example of how He would use it to display goodness in the hearts of men (the responders) and for His glory.


It witnessed to me that far too often we allow our flesh, anger and revenge, in this case, to interrupt God’s plan. It is my hope that the offender will see how God used this situation to demonstrate His glory and it all be used to change their heart.


I give praise to God that His Holy Spirit hobbled this “ol’ hoss” with an anointing of wisdom. He deserves all the glory.  Amen?

NOTW, Bro. Mike