Dear Friends,

Let me tell you what is happening in Nicaragua and with our Ministry

More than 200 unarmed people have been killed in peaceful protests in the last 60 days. Many more than in Venezuela in 3 years.  An evangelical pastor and his family of 6 was just burned to death inside their home including two babies because they refused to let paramilitary use their home as high ground for a sniper attack.  All while the president drags his feet as he allegedly agrees to plans for peace and new elections in 2019.  He is reluctant to leave the presidency.

A glimmer of hope

Though there is nothing much on the US news and most Americans don’t even know what is going on in Nicaragua, the Washington Post and others are reporting now that Pence just announced that the USA is solidly against what is happening.  Today (6/20/2018), the U.S. Ambassador to the OEA arrived in Nicaragua to help with the peace talks.

Now, even the UN and EU are getting involved to condemn the killing of innocent people and what is going on in Nicaragua.

El Nuevo Diario and 100% Noticias can be found on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Masaya refuses to be controlled by the government of Ortega. Six more civilians have been killed their and many more injured. However, many police are leaving the police force there and in other towns so as not to be involved in harming civilians.

As Nicaragua struggles for freedom from oppression, our ministry continues to minister to the children

With this country in civil unrest it means we need more money to function.  Prices have gone up for everything because the supermarkets and markets are practically bare.  The road blocks haven’t allowed the trucks to get through.  And the attacks on the markets have caused most people to take down their stands.  Even the electricity and water have tripled.

We need your help more than ever!

 Most people right now have no income because they cannot get to work and that includes the people in our churches in Juigalpa and Diriamba.

In order to feed the children who attend our church we need staples like oil, vegetables, beverages and, when possible, chicken.   We still have the Manna packs but they are not really palatable cooked in water.

Ultimately, our people are looking to us for help.  Even our Pastors have no support.

For the past two months, Pastor Glenn and I have sent funds to our Pastor and his wife who were living in our house taking care of our daughter, Emmy.  This money also took care of him, his wife and our youth pastors living in Diriamba.  He and his wife finally were able to return to Juigalpa where their own daughter had a medical emergency and where his church needs him. 

Now, we have to send funds for household expenses and for a new person who is taking care of Emmy.  We have almost no food in our house in Jinotepe and we have ministry and personal bills to pay also.

We are currently in Florida and praying for an end to this violence and for us to be able to return.  Emmy is studying online since it is too dangerous for the schools in Jinotepe to reopen.  We pray she doesn’t run out of medication.  Right now she is sick with a bad cold and she isn’t getting very good nutrition.

We have two households to support plus our pastors and youth pastors.   We cannot do this alone.  We are living on Social Security and we cannot work due to health issues.  We need monthly support.

Our plan to sell our house in Nicaragua is on hold.  We know that God has His plans for us.  We must continue on until He releases us from Nicaragua.  No matter what, we are dedicated to continuing our ministry there and helping the wonderful, self-sacrificing people who are giving their lives to set their country free from tyranny.

Brothers and Sisters we urgently need your help!

We know that you care about Nicaragua, so would you please send help to:

PayPal account:  mateo516ministry@ yahoo.com or

Western Union or Moneygram to:  Lynne or Glenn Schweitzer. (You can call 772-597-4334 or Facebook us at:  Lynne Schweitzer)

Thank you for your prayers . 


Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer

Missionary Pastors