Chris & Larena Johnston – Missionaries to Galway, Ireland



Hi loved ones! June has come and gone now, and God seems to be
setting up some pretty interesting things for the future. Not only
do we have camp coming at the end of July which we are excited
about, but we also have had a few sparks of passion rekindled.
Chris is tirelessly working at getting the youth signed up
for camp. We are praying over all the leaders, and we have a team
planned to come from the States to help! We can’t wait to tell you
all about it next month! If you could please pray for the 5
individuals who are coming to help, that would be amazing.


Chris was recently invited to an ARC church planting
training in Navan. It was a really inspirational weekend. As you
all know, we have been praying for a while now about how we can
reach more people in Galway for Jesus, and the Lord is sparking
some hope and ideas in our hearts that we are very passionate
about. Some pretty cool connections happened this weekend.
Just a recap of the past 6 years, Chris and I came to work
in An Tobar Nua which is a Christian Cafe in Galway city. We were
there for almost a year when we realized that our heart was for
discipleship, and connecting youth to a church. This was not part
of the cafe’s vision, so we knew that we needed to take a step of
faith and leave that ministry. We weren’t even sure if the church
we were attending (GCF) would want or need us to work with their
youth. It was quickly revealed to us that GCF had been praying
specifically for a couple to come work with their youth for the past
2 years! So it was God who had put those pieces together. During
this transition, a couple named Paul and Priscilla Reed had taken
a team to GCF the same weekend we were seeking answers about
our future here. It was at this conference that we were given some
of the most impacting prophetic words that lined up with the exact
scriptures (and circumstances) the Lord had spoken to us about
our situation! It was amazing. I say all this, because this couple
just so happen to be the presidents of the ARC movement in
Ireland, and it seems as though God is weaving things together, bit
by bit. Please stand in prayer with us over what God is doing!

ANNUAL  Walkathon

This coming month, we have our annual Walkathon
with the youth to help them raise funds for camp. We have to find
a way to cover the costs of transportation, so we are praying for
those funds to come in.

Mams and Prams

Please be in prayer for this as well!
I have a mom’s group date on the calendar! The first
meeting is on Saturday, July 7th. The name is “Mams and Prams”.
I am hoping to use this as an outreach of sorts. I’ve also invited
the two mom’s we met last month at the first communion. Please
pray they come, and that we have a good turnout! We will meet at
a childrens’ indoor play ground near the church for a couple of

hours. I really hope to build a community with these mothers.
Thank you for praying for this as it blooms into reality!
Just today, I met with one of my girls that I’ve been
meeting with for about 5 years now. In the beginning, she was
taking heavy drugs, and drinking every weekend. She opened up
to me over time, (and it did take time)! But after a while, she
started sharing things, I started sharing God with her through
scripture and personal testimony. I also informed her
unashamedly that I would be praying that she would lose interest
in doing drugs and destructive things to herself. Within a year of
praying those things, she told me she had lost interest in doing
drugs and has had less interest in drinking too! I just smiled and
she looked at me and said in shock, “You told me you were going
to be praying that! Your prayers are being answered, stop praying
for me!” In return I just laughed and shook my head. I have
continued to pray for her to have a desire to connect with the Lord.
As we walked and talked today, she said to me, “I want to be more
spiritual, I want to believe, it’s just that God has never connected
with me ever, even when I was little and I asked Him to connect
with me.” She even shared that she went to the Christian camps
and was prayed over, learned all the Bible stories, went to church
every week and it was more like just learning and school to her.
Nothing connected. She said she even wanted to, but she never
experienced God’s presence. This grieved me, but excited me at
the same time, because it has given me something pointed to pray
about. I asked her if God showed up in her life in the future, would
she have a relationship with Him? Without hesitation, she said
yes. So please, please, please! Pray with me that the Lord will meet
her where she is, and give her an experience that only He can give
her, to draw her to Himself.

Finally, we are doing well! Anora is growing, and she is
starting to pull herself up and almost walk. She has been having
“conversations” with us in her own little language, and she is able
to call our one cat by name now! She did give us a scare this month
with the fear that she swallowed a stone, but she was fine in the
end. The hospital said that is a very common issue with little
ones…but usually it’s something much more dangerous. So thank
God, we are watching her like a hawk…she is very inquisitive!
We are so very thankful for all of ye, your love, your
support, your belief in us and your partnership! We are just in
awe of how this work is a team effort, and we have an A-Team
behind us! Thanking God for you today!! We will keep you posted
as God keeps moving!
All our love from Galway, Larena (Chris and Anora)

Prayer Requests
We would be honored
if you would pray with
us concerning:
Please pray for the youth
to get to camp this year,
for them to raise their
funds and for the bus costs
to get covered
Please pray for the team
coming from America to
help with camp this year,
provision, safe travels and
Please pray for the Mom’s
group to connect with
others from the
community for Christ.
Please pray for the young
lady’s salvaon, for the
Lord to connect with her in
a deep and meaningful
way, where she will have a
real relaonship with


If you would like to team
up & contribute to this
important mission, please
make checks out to:
Hope Ireland Missions
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(Chris & Larena Johnston
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Simply go to:
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