Feb 01

January Report from Rick, Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski

Rick Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski
Date: Fri, February 01, 2019 10:59 am

Dear Friends,

Here’s a recent ministry update. We announced on the radio a baptism service we had planed for our radio listeners. About 14 people came and were baptized in water. It is always a joy to see the expressions on peoples faces after they are baptized.

We had another healing meeting for our radio listeners. We see lots of people healed while we pray over the radio but we also want to lay hands on the sick. Dozens of people came for prayer. I’m glad to report that most of them went home healed. 6 people came and received the Lord.

We held a family restoration meeting. People with broken marriages came and received healing. Families as a whole came and received restoration.

I would like to thank Denny Cline, Mike Brink and Jesus Pursuit Church for all the ministry training I received over the years. Your apart of everything we do for the Lord.

The radio ministry keeps growing. People call in all day long with reports of how their lives were changed through this ministry. Please keep us in your prayers as the radio ministry suffers many attacks.

I will be coming to Oregon in a few weeks. I need to have a MRI done on my back. 30 years of back problems and it’s getting worst. I can use some healing prayer when I get home.

I’m looking for a quest home February 26th-March 5th. I will be in and out each day keeping busy. If you have a open room to share I will greatly appreciate the hospitality.

I am also available to minister while I am home. I haven’t committed to anything yet.

Rick Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski
(541) 497-1230