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Who wants to be a missionary in Ufa

Spring has come to Ufa! There are still huge piles of snow along the roads and sidewalks but the first day of spring brought in warmer temperatures that melt the snow.

ESL school
We haven’t written too much about our school for a while. God for sure gave us great students. With some of them we have developing relationships. It’s just amazing to see how God is at work in each of their hearts stirring the search for truth and meaning in this life.

Featured leader
Denis is a Russian guy in his 40s. He is one of our leaders. He is an Ufa native, but he has a dream to go to Africa as a missionary one day. Pray for his spiritual growth and maturity. Pray for salvation of his friends and mother. Finally, pray for a wife and starting family. Maybe one day you will hear something about a Russian missionary in Africa named Denis!

Some public schools here were on sick days last week. Continue to pray for our family protection from illnesses and spiritual warfare. Pray for successful completion of two home-schooling programs. Pray that our personal time with God would not be compromised as we are involved in many commitments. Last week of March, we are going to travel to Volgograd for a few days to meet with churches who are interested in coming to our Family Camp.

How the field looks
Bashkortostan continues to be one of the least evangelized regions in the world. Most of its citizens have never heard the gospel. Many towns and villages have no church and the closest bible study group would be a half day ride. Pray for us, “that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ”. It is through persistent prayers of the saints that the Lord continues to answer prayers and empower us to point many to Jesus.

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