Apr 25

An Excellent Report from Carlos Romero, Heart for the Nations, Guatemala

A few weeks before Easter, God impressed on my heart to visit the police department of Mixco, Guatemala. I talked to the main police chief, and we made arrangements to visit them and share some Mexican food and spiritual food.

Our children (including Carmen) and Emily and I did a full service for the police force, beginning by telling them how much we appreciate their work. Then we prayed for them and played some music about the sacrifice of Jesus. I shared what the Bible says about the suffering of Jesus and the love God has for us.

I concluded the message by telling them that the two robbers on the crosses represent all humanity; both knew about Him, but they did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. After a few hours of being with Jesus in their worst case scenario, one criticized Him, mocked Him and rejected Him. The other one, recognizing that he was a sinner and that Jesus was a righteous man, humbled himself before the Son of God and said, “Remember me when you enter…” Jesus loved him and saved him in the last moment of his life.
After the message we prayed, and two men and one woman gave their lives to Christ.
We celebrated the salvation with Mexican food , and I offered to do more chaplain services for the department. Please pray for us and for the police force that I may be able to reach other departments in the Guatemalan area.

We thank you for your spiritual and financial support for our lives; we
continue making a difference here in Guatemala by Emily teaching missionary kids, and I
continue sharing the Word of God here in Mexico, in Chichicastenango, and also in Chiapas,

 We ask you to please pray for the transition for our David as he graduates and moves
to the States. In part of June and July, we will visit Texas and help David with the
transition. He will be in California from July 7 to August 13 doing some work and then
will return to Texas to see what God has next for him.
 Pray for new connections in the U.S.
 Pray for more opportunities where I can continue to share the Word of God here in the
 Pray for Emily’s health, that she may continue to teach and embrace the academic
changes at the missionary school.

In His hands,


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