A Welcome to our TMCI blog, from Bishop Coulter

Welcome to The Missionary Church International( TMCI), a fast-growing denomination reaching around the world. TMCI, for over twenty-five years, has fulfilled this simple mandate from God: to empower men and women around the world to fulfill the calling God has on their lives by giving them a 501(C)(3) [United States Only] and ordaining them.

One of the unique things about TMCI  membership is, besides having churches, we have many para-church ministries,such as food ministries, prison ministries, biker ministries, chaplains, Christian counselors, thrift stores, schools, and mercy/disaster relief ministries.

Another unique thing about TMCI is although you are connected with TMCI, you have complete independence to run your ministry as God is leading you.

In the last year God used TMCI ministries to lead over 47,000 people to Christ. We also presently have 50 missionaries in foreign lands.

God has opened up Kenya and 10 Pastor joined TMCI-Kenya. We have 75 Churches and 35 pastors in TMCI-Zimbabwe. We have established TMCI-South Africa. On November 24, Bishop Moses Nueman ordained 28 pastors in the Nigeria and launched TMCI-Nigeria. In Ghana we have recently ordained 5 more pastors, bringing the total to 20 pastors in TMCI-Ghana. TMCI-Liberia has over 100 churches. In the last two months 16 pastors have joined TMCI-Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone was purely an act of God, as no one from TMCI has ever visited Sierra-Leone.
God is truly moving in Africa for TMCI Ministries

In addition to Africa God is moving in Mexico. God continues to use Jim and Irene Reyes to advance LIMI, which is the Spanish name for TMCI-Mexico. They have pastors from Tijuana joining TMCI/LIMI. A lay pastor has asked them to start a church in that area. The work in Oaxaca continues to grow, as do other areas.

In India our ministry is still strong. Bishop Johnny Riley is overseeing the ministry in India. He will be visiting India at the end of January with Abednego Sigamani. A leadership conference is planned in India in 2020.

If you would like to become a part of us as we expand the Kingdom of God around the world click the “Join TMCI”button and fill out the application online.

Or perhaps you would like to be a part of what God is doing through giving! You can support the mission work we are doing, by secure online giving here: https://www.tmciworld.com/donations.html

We appreciate your interest and prayers, and considering supporting TMCI as God continues to use TMCI to increase His presence throughout the world.

Bishop Robert Coulter
Sr. Bishop of the Church