Ufa Bible Ministries, Stas Karpenko, Russia

As we look back over 2019 we give thanks to the Lord for all His mercy and grace that were encompassing us through the year. We praise him for those opportunities to share the gospel, especially with young and indigenous people.
As we look forward, we would ask you to pray for continuation of our churchplanting efforts in 2020. The harvest is vast but the workers are few.

ESL/Men’s Club
These are my absolute favorites in praises. Seeing how God is doing unthinkable is truly precious. We’ve had great addition in numbers in our ESL classes. And we’ve had increase in deep, meaningful conversations after classes. Our men’s club is going through a new beginning. We had a surge of new men joining to our club last year, all non-Christians. Now, many of them take a lead in reading Scripture passages and providing a little bible study for the group.

Christmas Season
This time may I ask you to pray for two specific things. First, please pray for our evangelistic efforts during the Christmas season. You know, a time around Christmas is one of the two special seasons in Russia when everyone feels necessity to come to church. Most people do it just because of their religious feelings but nonetheless God can use that time for bringing people to himself. Pray that we may rent a bigger hall for Christmas worship and that many may hear the good news and come to the true knowledge of Christ.
We praise God for provision for our needs in 2019. At one point our balance dipped deeply low we have been blessed by some amazing gifts which have brought us up to a safe level again. We have a few shortfalls for 2020 in our budget. So, we playfully ask you to consider giving the year-end donation for Ufa Bible Ministries.

We praise the Lord for great year for our family.
Thank all of you once again for your partnership in the gospel ministry. We pray for God’s blessing in your life in 2020.

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