Special Opportunity to Help with ESL School, UFA Bible Ministries , Russia

Dear Praying Friends,
What was the farthest point on earth you have sent the package to? We thought to share with you another opportunity to serve the people of Ufa, Russia through sending a package.
You with your church or bible group can prepare and send a box filled with stuff for our ESL (English as Second Language) school. These can be such things as posters, postcards, alphabet cards, word puzzles, board games, American coffee mugs, souvenir license plates, signs, small books about your state, nature, animals etc. Pens and pencils as small gifts for our students. Especially appreciated maps of all kinds (World’s, state’s, old AAA maps).
It can be pretty much everything where your Mind can lead you and what can be used for learning English.
Here’s our mailing address:
Stanislav Karpenko
PO Box 1298, Ufa
Bashkortostan, Russia
Let’s write another chapter (of the book of Acts),
Stas Karpenko