Mar 28

PRAISE!! re: from Richard Wiggins, TMCI Missionary in Nigeria

Well like you folks in America we here in Nigeria are locked down.

Our cases as reported are small.
However I suspect there are alot more than reported due to lack of proper medical expertise.
Our prayer is for sustained protection. We are fully trusting God for that.

THANKS to all who gave! We purchased a vehicle!!!


Critical Prayer Need

Saturday the 21st I was returning from building site of place of refuge to my residence. I was run off the road and hit a pole in my Land Cruiser. It was completely destroyed. The other driver left the scene.

I praise God I emerged with only a bruised sternum and am doing fine. However this is our only mode of transportation to reach the people here in Nigeria. We currently supply 5 orphanages and many impoverished people. It has carried us to 29 out of 36 states in Nigeria to the Glory of God. There is not enough provision at this time to replace this vehicle without sacrificing the means to continue to supply the people and continue building the place of refuge.

Also the poverty level here was already extreme and will only worsen. Not to mention the sharp increase in violence and persecution here. We need to be able to reach these people.

Pray that God makes a way. Even though we do not understand all of this and what God is doing we trust He has a higher plan. Frustrated and desperate but not in despair.

Thank you and God bless.
Richard and Toyin Wiggins.
Walking in the Mission, Nigeria.