Apr 16

Notes from Bishop Coulter: Be Still and Know

Ps 46:10   Be still, and know that I am God

This verse is a very familiar verse that most us know by heart. But knowing is one thing; doing it is another. It is imperative that we take time alone with God to hear His still, small voice.

The fact is that God wants to tabernacle with us very day. We host His presence all the time, but do not take enough time to listen and fellowship with Him

This week I received an Email from Bishop Cherie Burger and here is what she shared:

I, like so many others, have been scanning the internet for different blogs and videos from Christians speaking about the immediate crises we find ourselves in. As I was getting ready for bed, I said, “Lord, there are too many voices!” Immediately, I heard, “Did I not tell you in this first year of the Decade of the Voice that you were to come aside and hear My Voice? There will be many voices speaking this year, but it is imperative that you recognize and discern My Voice from the voices of the deceivers.”

Not only do I think this is for me personally, but for all of us who are the Lord’s and represent Him to others. How can we speak the truth, bring comfort and hope to others, if we are listening to the wrong voices? God is releasing His Apostolic voices in this season.  May we hear and recognize His Voice and shut out the din of competing opinions of others.


During time of mandatory stay-at-home orders is a great time to start or reestablish a habit of setting time aside to listen to what God wants in our lives. Sometimes we get so busy doing the ministry we forget to spend time with the one who gave us the ministry.

 The interesting thing I have discovered is that the more time I spend listening to God, how He wants me to minister, the more effective I become. Some people are so busy with their own thoughts, or other people thoughts, on how to run the ministry that they miss God’s voice that best clarifies what we are to do and when we are to do it.

Remember, if the Holy Spirit directs your path (and God’s word tells He DOES direct us), you will be at the right place, at the right time, with the right word and action to get the victory in the situation.

I encourage you to take this down time to refresh yourself in the Lord. Take a fresh look at the ministry God has given you. Let Him fine-tune what He has called you to do. Reflect on what you have been doing. Are there some things you are doing that are not fruitful?

In the past I have suggested that we make a not to do list. Stop those activities that are not fruitful in advancing the ministry God gave you.  Maybe there are things you are doing that you could delegate to others. Remember, if your hands are so filled with what you’re doing now, God cannot give you anything new.

Some of you, as you take time with God to review your ministry, may find that God is moving you into a new direction. If you feel your ministry is stagnant, it is definitely time for you to seek the Lord on how to re-energize your ministry.  Remember, God is never stagnant, He is always on the move. Our job is to find out where He is moving and join Him.

I believe that God is preparing those who will listen to His still small voice to be a more powerful ministry than they have ever experienced: more souls, more healing, more deliverances. The world is ripe for reformation and God is preparing you and the Church universal for the end-time revival.

It is important that we take the time to be still and listen to His instructions for our lives and ministry.

The field is ripe for harvest. Let us not miss the call God has put on our lives in THIS season and time.

Have blessed week,

Bishop Bob