Excellent Report from the Szymanski Family in Mexico

Dear Friends,

I know many people feel they are just waiting in limbo under these lock down rules. We ourselves have been in lock down for 11 weeks now. It is difficult but don’t let it stop you.

Over the last Month Maricruz has been organizing a prayer event that she organized and held from home. This Prayer event was a online event called 2 days of crying out for Mexico. Nearly 60,000 people joined us in our event praying for Mexico. I was amazed how many wanted to pray in this event. One catholic lady called us as she wanted to let us know she and a group of her friends were praying with us.

Maricruz is now getting requests from people in many other Countries wanting her to lead a prayer event for their Countries. The sounds of intercession are ringing in our house day and night. This is truly a time to call on God to heal our World.

I have been enjoying opening up my Bible and reading to my family. This has started many good conversations with our son. Putting God in our daily activities is the best thing we can do. One of my sisters is often posting prayers on Facebook. It is so encouraging to read these prayers but it is even more encouraging that she takes the time to do this to encourage us all. Thanks Cherie

We put in the extra effort to keep the radio station operating. With everyone locked in their houses they are tuning into the Radio more. Our words of encouragement and the worship music is a life line for many people right now. It is awesome how many people are listening. We just got a call from one of our local Catholic Priest who wanted to tell us know how much he enjoys our radio programs.

Please keep us in your prayers. Everyone is out of work and the crime is out of control. People are hungry and they will do whatever they need to to get food for their families. Don’t forget to check on your loved ones and neighbors. Maybe they need some food or just someone to talk to. Please remember the missionaries that are all around the World risking their lives daily for the Gospel of Jesus.

With Love
Rick Maricruz Daniel Szymanski