Dear Friends,

God bless all of you!

We pray that you are feeling the calm at the end of the storm as states open up again, step by step, after this trying challenge of the coronavirus. We also pray that the effects of the corona virus on your family and financial livelihood were slim to none. If you or your family were affected significantly by the coronavirus, we pray that God would restore back to you and multiply back to you what was lost! We serve a great, loving God who wants to take care of His children!

Personally, this time of the corona virus pandemic has been difficult in many ways. However, in many ways this time of the coronavirus pandemic has also been a blessing to us, and to the ministry. Usually, as a family, we have at most two weeks together each month. During this time, we have had at least two months together which has been a blessing. We have also been able to accomplish many important administrative things that had been put off for a long time due to my being in Mexico so much. This time has been a blessing by allowing me to get rejuvenated and restored to be at 100% strength when things do open up in Mexico. I will turn 50 in August and when ministering in Mexico, everything goes at a whirlwind pace, so this slower time of focusing on office and administrative work has done a lot for me physically and emotionally.


A month ago, God put in the heart of one of our donor couples to provide a very generous amount of food for needy Mexican people being affected greatly by the corona virus, including government lockdowns and loss of work. Through their generous donation, many thousands of people have been blessed with meals that will last them up to a week or more depending on the size of their family. These meals were distributed throughout Mexico by the local pastors. Some of the cities where churches received food care packages to distribute to the needy in their churches and outside of their churches were Ensenada, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Acuna, Puebla, Mexico City and Nuevo Laredo. A church in Oaxaca City took the food care packages to a mountain village far removed from Oaxaca City and blessed the needy people there. In the future, we are talking about starting a church in that village.

In Guadalajara, we were blessed to be able to buy a nice loaded care package with a wide variety of different foods for several dollars. In the other areas we made our own care packages consisting of rice, beans, boxes of elbow macaroni and cans of tomato sauce. The local churches often added other supplies along with the basics. Sylvia and I have worked hand in hand to facilitate this project by many hours on the phone speaking with pastors and pricing the food items in each area.

Pray for Mexico

Please pray for the people in Mexico as the corona virus cases and deaths are still climbing. Pastors have encouraged me not to come to Mexico until things have improved and lockdowns are lifted. Thankfully, pastors and evangelists continue to distribute literature throughout Mexico. A new Bible School has started in Guadalajara and people have seen Jesus’ love through the churches’ distribution of food care packages throughout Mexico. This brings great joy to us as missionaries! The desire of a missionary is to see the national church lead the way in reaching its people for Christ and in spreading the love of Jesus to its people!

Thanks for partnering with GCOM to impact lives for Christ in Mexico and around the world! We appreciate your faithfulness and know that God will reward you for your faithfulness and generosity! Serving Christ,

Rev. Kevin, Sylvia, and Joshua Rosendahl

Ministry Needs
-Continued faithful prayer and financial support for the ministry

-If you feel a desire to help with additional food for the Mexican people, just let us know when you send your donation. Any amount will be a huge blessing!

Prayer Needs –

Pray that the corona virus would rapidly subside and disappear in the U.S., Mexico and around the world

-Pray for Rick Waymire of Body Life Ministries, who prints a lot of the literature that we distribute, as he has been battling severe back pain and incredible tiredness that he cannot seem to shake. Pray for 100% healing of his body and for strength and energy

-Pray for Sylvia as she has been having pain in her liver area. Pray that the pain leaves and for her healing -Pray for Josh as he heads up our ministry IT work. Pray that God uses him mightily to use the computer to spread God’ s Word

Pray for Josh to be led by the Holy Spirit in all of his decisions, to seek God with all of his heart and to be kept free from the enemy’s lies

-For GCOM’s finances to be blessed to do able to reach more people for Christ

-For wisdom in every ministry, family, and individual decision

Thank you for your partnership! All contributions are tax deductible.

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