Jul 07

Peaceful Protest

By: Hannah S. Hunter

As I write this the President of Kenya came on media and announced he is opening the nation of Kenya. Curfew 9PM- 4AM shall remain. Also opening schools is still under discussion. If there is a resurgence of virus lockdown will be reimposed. The following is excerpts from a teaching I gave yesterday in our first service.

The nation of Kenya held her bated breath through the weekend knowing our authority in this land would hold movement or inertia in his speech. With the rhetoric and fixed statistics, we were surmising we were going for elongated shutdown.

I saw that Kenya is at a crossroads. I saw four different paths. I also saw the words turning point. In every war there is a battle where historians in retrospect can say this turned the tide. The war was won or lost. For USA revolutionary war it was the battle of Saratoga. In our civil war it was Gettysburg.

Once the spirit of greed, power, and control seize your freedoms and rights they will not yield them back to you- ever! They must be fought for and wrested from the jaws of these enemies of freedom.

Health care needs to be in the hands of the trained scientists and doctors not the government. Being a nurse many years and watching my husband battle and lose to a rare cancer if the money holders decide your health and treatment it is no longer about health. They decide if it is fiscally solvent to treat this disease or by age or other factors if you are worth it.

Fear of health and death was used to take sanity from the people. Suicides, depression, loss of lifetime achieved businesses, and violence far outstripped the virus in devastation and harm. God forgive us and restore soundness to our minds and reasoning.

Kenya ratified her constitution in 2010 by a 67% vote. It is quite similar to ours in the USA. It was released to the public a month later. Promulgated in August of that same year. Kenya is also called a republic. The supreme power is to be held by her citizens and they elect all the reps and President.

Crisis often show us the cracks or loopholes in the form of ruling in a nation. The supreme law of the land needs to be the guide- the constitution and the supreme power holders- the people need to set the pace.

Peaceful assembly is a guaranteed right. Protesting injustices which are unconstitutional need to be confronted without disrespect to God appointed authority. Civil disobedience without violence or destruction of property may be warranted.  Law and order must rise up and stare down and beat back anarchy and chaos. Justice is required. Even heaven has a court. Mercy is part of justice. Mercy is for people but not for the evil powers that seek to destroy us. When any law or restriction defies the Word of God and His commands we have to go with His Word.

Pulpits were the media in our battle in USA for freedom. Revolution was fueled from the pulpits. Pastors taught the people to think biblically and our nation was founded on those principles. There was a great awakening and revival.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was the epitome of a peaceful protestor who never showed bitterness nor let himself be provoked. Yet he changed a nation. He left a legacy to follow.  He was educated, articulate, and clear on his goals. He led his people to the streets and never stole, burned or killed in his quest.

As the globe is wrestling with so many issues and trying to find what is a new normal in every sense, I am reminded of Jacob wrestling with an angel or Jesus. He went into that match as a liar and deceiver. When he saw his true identity reflected in the eyes of his Savior, he realized he was living a lie and not his true destiny nor getting his true inheritance. He held on and refused to let go until the Lord spoke his true identity into the atmosphere and into him.

Israel, the one God fights for, emerged and became the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. Who would have imagined? What are the inheritances we are missing? What do we need to wrestle for and who with? If not for yourself engage in this for the sake of your children.

Remember after this war the greatest awakening and harvest will be streaming to our land and to our doors. Let us fight the good fight of faith and prick our ears to hear well done good and faithful servant.

Shalom and Selah!