Apr 04

A Little Kneeology April 3, 2015


A Little Kneeology  ……..Luke 4:23 (NLT)   Then he said, “You will undoubtedly quote me this proverb: ‘Physician, heal yourself’—meaning, ‘Do miracles here in your hometown like those you did in Capernaum.’


Have you ever noticed that the mechanic’s car is usually in worse shape than yours, or just how badly the house painter’s own house needs painting?  I have a grandson who manages a super, high-tech car wash, running over a 1000 cars a day, yet his car is always a mess.     This week as I was counseling a young man about not letting the stress and demands of his work cause him health problems and even family difficulties.  Afterwards, I took a little time, probably too little, and examined the advise that I had given and was reminded of the above Scripture.  Likewise, I felt the need to share with you who are involved in ministry of one form or another.  As I read the many prayer request that come across my desk each week, I sense with many a high degree of stress and anxiety, even in some cases, negativity and expectation of failure.  Here we are, advising others, counseling, pointing out this Scripture or that to go to so that we might have discernment in that which God wants us to do.  Just think about how many times you advise others to go and read their Bibles and just talk to God.  Likewise, just think how many times you tell them to lean on God for their answer, maybe even saying, “Let loose and let God.”

We are quick to speak and repeat the teachings of Christ Jesus in how we are to handle that which seeks to stress us, to rob us of not only our joy, but in some cases our health and relationships.

I remembered a time in my own ministry when my study was in my parsonage, right where I lived.  One day my wife my wife was speaking to me about an issue with one of my children.  I complained about not knowing about it sooner.  She reminded me that the family as a whole had not seen me in days.  My reply was that I had been busy with ministering to folks and counseling some families.  Here was my own family and myself in need  of the same counseling I had been sharing with others.

I think that often we in the ministry are more interested in trying to keep lives on the right track that we neglect “to paint our own house” or “keep our own car running.”

My mom had a restaurant for years, a really nice one with great food.  I noticed she was loosing weight, in my opinion too much.  I cautioned her about it and she said that she was around food so much that she just neglected to eat.  I laughingly cautioned her about being a chef and starving to death.  Are we in the ministry failing to feed ourselves?  I suggest each of you take a look at all that is consuming your energy and time and just calculate how much of both go towards yourself and your family.  Let some of these miracles of healing take place in your own lives and in the lives of your loved ones.  Amen?

 Yours in Christ,  NOTW   Bro. Mike