A Little Kneeology March 27, 2015

A Little Kneeology ……..Matthew 5:5 (NKJV) “Blessed are the meek……


It seems like the word “meek” has come to be misunderstood in present day to mean “wimpy”. Consequently, because of the misinterpretation by both the world and many Christians, we have come to think that it more acceptable for the Christian to shrink back from taking firm stances in regards to other belief systems, politics, and world views. I, personally, find myself not one of great tolerance when it comes to lying politicians, folks speaking against the truths of the Word, or even being very tolerant of beliefs that contradict the Word of God. As Christians, born again believers, or maybe better defined as believers who have been converted and committed to being a follower of Jesus Christ, we have been given a spirit of boldness and power assisted in all things for the Kingdom by the Holy Spirit. It seems like so many professed Christians take more of what I call an “Eeyore” attitude when it comes to taking a stance concerning oppositional beliefs or behavior. Eeyore just accepts everything just as it is with no desire to try and change it because that is just the way it is. In fact, he is a bit pessimistic, and non-confrontational. When we study the word “meek” translated in both the Greek and Hebrew, when we connect its use to folks like Jesus and Moses, and even David in his later years, it seems like it is better defined as “power under control”. It seems as though meekness as Jesus speaks about it in His teachings carries with it an assurance of truth, a confidence that emits from one that speaks for itself. It would seem that if one displays such “meekness” it in itself witnesses to the power of God and the assurance of one’s salvation.   As I was studying the word as it is used by Jesus, I began to wonder if in my own walk, “Do I display the spirit of meekness as spoken of by Jesus?”   It would seem that if we had such a spirit, our witness would require very few words. As I asked the above questions , I also asked if my ministry projected a spirit of meekness, therefore, showing that I was operating in and with controlled power and assurance.   If so, did that meekness display when things get a little binding or in confrontations?   I found myself praying for a strong anointing of meekness in both my life and ministry, so much more of that controlled power of God’s Holy Spirit, realizing that such is the power to confront and overcome that which the world and the enemy throws out in front of us seeking to trip us up. Join me in like prayer. Amen?

Yours in Christ, NOTW   Bro. Mike