Sep 08

Update from Hannah Hunter

Team Seasoned Heart

Greetings from PA, USA. GOD graced me to travel 48 hours to my home. Officials more concerned that I passed though Germany than Africa.

Thank you for those who caught the vision of setting our students up in business to transfer wealth. There is a donate button for student endeavors. Wycliffe, our first business owner is opening his third branch.  Erick, launched his cybercafe(left). His desire is to reach the street kids. Any profit will go to that. He plans to do outreach at least weekly. Next student, Lotin, is teaching me Kiswhaili. I am paying for him to go to driving school. He also will be helping on the farming launched this month. We gained two new students whose education was interrupted by Covid. They are building a kitchen garden in the compound and a waist high table for laundry days. Save the backs of people!!

With the grandchildren and those who would join our walk to the school we would pray at the school gates for them to open up and let our children be educated. Several days before I left as we prayed a man was leaning on the wall watching us. When we explained what our prayers were about, he opened the gates and invited us to have the run of the place. A prophetic move and built the faith of the children. Before I left, I gifted three goats to orphans. When the schools open, they can pay fees from the offspring of these goats and get educated.

November, we want to do our international conference- 16-20. I plan to fly to USA in time for Labor Day. I plan to stay to vote and then return to resume our mission in Kenya. My first act when I return will be is to attend and bless a wedding union of two students who are from enemy tribes – Luo and Kikuyu. Our GOD is redeeming His people and the land.

Rungu Stick

Pastors who pray for Trump in Kenya had Maasai(warriors) fashion this weapon for Trump. They see him as a good strong leader. Intercession and fasting are lifted for our President Trump. They sent this to be placed in his hands. Pray for the path to open and watch what our GOD will do.

Please check out our website www.tshkenya.org or email us teamshministry@gmail.com. Pray. We have updates weekly. Contact to be part of that is Grace Plaster grace.lanae@gmail.com.  You can donate on website or see what our projects are. Mailing address TSH PO Box 481 Harleysville, PA 19438. Check out blogs (Facebook is censoring and blocking because I am forthright) and give feedback.

Blessings of courage: Hannah S. Hunter