Sep 28

Exciting News from Daniel Szymanski

Dear Bishop Bob,

This is Daniel Szymanski, I have some exciting news that I would like to share with you.


I have been accepted by Youth With A Mission to participate in a Discipleship Training School. On January the eleventh I’ll be heading to the YWAM base in Denver Colorado to start my DTS. The school will consist of three months of missionary training, and two months on an international missions trip.  


As you know I was born and raised on the mission field. I believe it’s time for me to explore the option of being a full time missionary myself. I feel like my going to YWAM will give me the opportunity to further my training as a full time missionary, explore different cultures, and go on a foreign mission trip. This will truly be a special time for me to pursue God and deepen my relationship with Him. I am eager for this opportunity to step out in Faith and serve our God.  


One of the things I learned growing up on the mission field is how God is always faithful to provide for our needs. The Bible says that there are those who are sent to the mission field and those who send the missionaries to the mission field with financial support. I have come to appreciate the way God puts missionaries and ministry partners together. This is my time to journey out on the missionary field apart from my parents. I understand this is a time in my own life where I have to trust God to partner me with others who will send me and financially sponsor my missions work.  


The tuition I need to raise for YWAM is $7,800. I am asking if you will prayerfully consider being part of a group who will pray for me and donate to my tuition. Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated. I don’t have a bank account so I am using my dads. He will make sure I receive your donation.

For a Pay Pal Deposit please use: rickymaricruz@aim.com

Bank Deposit: Make checks payable to Rick Szymanski. Enter 388860 in the Memo box. Mail to:
Central Willamette Credit Union
PO Box D
Albany, OR 97321

Thank You very much.

Daniel Szymanski