Team Seasoned Heart-October Newsletter

TSH October 2020 Newsletter

Wycliffe loan business

Greetings from my home stateside. I passed through many southern states and loved the seafood, key lime pie, bourbon pecan pie to list a few. Hilton Head was so refreshing-running hot water, a pool, the ocean, and a washer. Thelma our dear host has been to Kenya three times with me. We stayed in homes of bishop, admin., and a radical intercessor. We were with royalty. My dear faithful friend, Val was my driver and sweet companion. I am favored.

Thank you for those who caught the vision of setting our students up in business to transfer wealth. There is a donate button for student endeavors. Wycliffe continues to prosper in business and beyond generous in his giving.  Erick reports daily intake for the cybercafe. Schools are to open this month and that will boost his business. Lotin, my Kiswahili teacher, is ready to launch his farm business.  His bio, proposal, and budget available on request. I sent a seed for him to begin with. Our two new students whose education was interrupted by Covid are building a kitchen garden in the compound and a waist high table for laundry days. Save the backs of people!! Dan reports they are doing so well.

I continue to share the vision for our work in Kenya. I know when I return, we are widening our training and travel to lift and release leaders at governmental and nation changing levels. Even now we are battling for their lives and the lives of the nations. Fear not! God is on our side and giving us strategies in the midst.

Working on raising up a team for our conference in November. Also pray for others to catch vision and come up next to us. Eventually I want to bring students here to minister. I love the passion and faith of these youth.

Please check out our website or email us [email protected]. Pray.

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