Update from Tim and Trena Johnson, Dominican Republic

Volume 40 Issue 1 October, 2020
Called to Serve… His Command… Our Mission Missionaries / Evangelist Tim & Trena Johnson Serving full time, Casa Grande in Santiago, Dominican Republic
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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS IN FULL-TIME MINISTRY JUNE 28, 1980 – 2020 and continuing.
Visiting short-term mission teams, COVID-19 Food Distributions, Church #26 Roof Completed and 21,000 Gospel Tracts printed. We’ve been busy about the Father’s business in spite of lock-down and curfew.
Visiting Teams and Outreaches
The Good News of salvation in Jesus was shared with Dominicans in Schools (shown here), Churches, a Rehab Center, Parks, Street Corners and Homes, using testimonies, dramas, puppets and preaching. Many responded. Visitors are housed here at Casa Grande. Meals served family style as we live and minister together. (Several teams postponed for COVID-19).
COVID-19 Food Distributions, over 1,000 families blessed.
Rice, Beans, Oil, Tomato Paste bless a needy family. Pastor takes food for congregation & community.
Building Churches: In spite of the “pandemic lock-down” our son Darren, completed the trusses for church build #26. They were placed as soon as we were allowed to go out again. Currently two more churches are in progress and two additional in planning and preparation stages. We do not pastor these churches but evangelize, encourage and assist the pastors in fulfilling the vision God has placed in their hearts. When we arrived in the D.R. 25 years ago, more than 5,000 villages and towns had no evangelical (protestant) church. Praise God that number is diminishing.
Visiting Teams Minister in Drama
Earlier in 2020 we hosted several short-term mission teams. We had wonderful times of ministry and fellowship. We hope to be able to host teams again – soon. Contact us if you are interested in coming and bringing a group in 2021.
New Contact Information
Trena: Cell & WhatsApp 1-829-881-7710 [email protected] www.facebook.com/trenajohnson5 Tim: Cell & WhatsApp 1-829-718-6266 www.facebook.com/timjohnson5 www.CasaGrandeDR.org No Tax Deduction needed: Use “Zelle” from your bank with our e-mail. OR use “Bill Pay” or a check from your bank using our Mail Carrier Address. Payable to: Tim Johnson. DONATE: PayPal non-tax-deductible
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Thanks so much for your love, prayers and support! We are laborers together in the Master’s harvest and we are so grateful for your partnership. May God richly bless you.