Update from The Szymanski’s

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I pray for Grace and Peace for each of you this year. God only knows what He has planed for each of us in 2021. We are well equipped in Christ to face any challenges we may face. This morning when I was praying I remembered a time when things were very difficult here on the mission field. A friend of mine told me we should go back to the states. My reply to him was “What is better to enjoy the comforts of home or to share in the sufferings of Christ?”

Our son Daniel started his YWAM DTS a few weeks ago. His second week there he got the covid 19 virus along with half of the students. He is suffering during the recovery from the virus. When Daniel decided to go to YWAM He knew there was a chance he would get the virus but He counted it as a risk that comes with serving the Lord. As parents we had to face that risk as well when we sent him off to YWAM. Now we are dealing with the reality of our son suffering once again for our Savior.

We are very proud of our son Daniel. We do ask you to pray with us for Daniels recovery and for the other students who are with him. I asked Daniel if he wanted to come home and he said no. Even with the virus He is enjoying his training at YWAM. Please pray for Maricruz this is not easy for a mother.

God is Good!!! and we tell people everyday on the radio that God is Good!!! God is soooo Good!!! The suffering of the covid virus in Mexico is extremely bad.You won’t hear of it on the news. All day long we are getting prayer requests from people with the virus. I do love to see how people are turning to God as the answer to the virus. Prayer is very powerful that’s why the enemy wants to stop us from praying. These days are called for praying. All Saints should be calling out to God and putting their focus on prayer.

Part of our ministry is to care for Widows and Orphans. I would like to mention that the Lord has provided resources for us to expand our feeding ministry. It is a great pleasure to partner with you in caring for God’s Widows and Orphans. Let me ask, What would you like to do to help God in caring for His Widows and Orphans and how can we assist you in doing that?

We are praying for you and yours.

The Szymanski’s