Ufa Bible Ministries, March 2021

This morning I was helping Tim to study his Bible passage. Every day he starts his home-school classes with a bible lesson. He read from an English translation and I took a copy of the Russian Bible from our church book shelf. It was an old shattered Bible, probably from our first days on the field. As he was reading from 2 timothy 2, I noticed a handmade scribble made by gold ink over an underlined verse on the next page.

The scribble was “01.03.04” which in European style calendar refers to March 1st, 2004. May not be worthy of a notice for some but for me it was. Someone found this verse useful at that time. Holy Spirit was touching someone’s heart. And, since it was the very beginning of our ministry, it was probably made by a young Christian who had just started his walk with the Lord. Or, it may have even been done by a non-Christian, Muslim man who happened to agree to visit our bible study. In any case, it prompted me to thank God for His greatness in using His Word.

Men’s Club

Turnout for our Men’s Club last week was good. Please pray for continuation of the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of its attenders, both current and past. It is hard in this culture for a man to become a follower of Jesus. There is a great deal of pressure on them to conform with the society. The fact that these men come to fellowship with us is a great deal in itself.

Calendar to Develop

Continue to pray for us as we still have many variables for this year’s schedule. We have yet to decide on this year’s family camp and workshop dates as well as possible Zimbabwe and the US trips. Pray for right dates and wisdom in planning.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us and support!


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