Mission to the Children“Changing our World One Life at a Time”

Wow what a month. God provided; God moved; God saved and healed his people. Praise God this was one our best months in ministry in a very long time. For starters, our Good Friday service was well attended and we had three first time visitors. With tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts we worshiped the lord. Also, our preparation for our Easter service was a huge success; We opened our second restroom, painted our entrance to the ranch, and Josh worked all week cutting trees and removing stumps in our entrance way. We had several trees that a tornado knocked over and it looked bad. Josh did a great job cleaning up our entrance.

Finally, we had a big clean up on the Saturday before Easter and you will not believe what happened.  The people in town heard we had a big event so they wanted to help us since we are part of the community; They brought a truck load of donated plants and workers, and they cleaned all our fields and planted beautiful flowers on the side of our church. It was hard to believe that God touched the hearts of so many people who do 167768487_180090200613549_702619949162308284_n.jpg167984709_130575505692017_7355989116031856890_n.jpg
not attend our church. It was a miracle and some of the workers even attended our services.  Our church is so blessed to be an important part of our community. Finally, Easter Sunday arrived and we had 70- 80 people in attendance. It was a real blessing to see our little church full. I wished Imelda could have been there. We had about 168834771_1351853751838896_8421555796097577822_n.jpg168950365_506885030336692_5722597041726897353_n.jpg
6 decisions for Christ, God healed a lady with back pains, and several people rededicated themselves to Christ. We also had a special time of prayer for all the Pastors. This was no ordinary service; you could feel the presence of the Lord, and you see on the faces of the people that God was working in their lives.  20210331_110441.jpg167884388_2851013605136657_3455756713637807819_n.jpg20210327_110601.jpg
This was a real mountain top experience that we so badly needed. Our lives have not been easy; we have all seen heart times, but when the Lord shows up nothing else seems to matter. Praise God for what he is doing in our little Ranch Church. Your prayers and support made a huge difference. Thank You.167182077_198125745153086_2281629395388763418_n.jpg20210327_111015.jpg
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