The Szymanski Family, TMCI Missionaries in Mexico

Dear Friends,
I would like to start this letter by asking for some prayer. Maricruz has been suffering from attacks on her health. Her neck and shoulders are all swollen and she is fighting repeated head aches We appreciate your prayers.


Danny made it to his first part of his YWAM DTS mission. He is at the Tijuana, Mexico YWAM base. He is having a great time feeding the poor, ministering to orphans and doing outreach to the community. He seems to have fully recovered from covid. Thank You all for praying for him.


The Lord blessed me with a new laptop. Now I can start sending out ministry reports again. It’s important to me to stay in touch with all of you. Some times it gets lonely on the mission field.


I always look forward to our trips home just to see friends again. We are trying to get money together so we can come home and visit this Summer. If we get the funds to come home we will be open to minister with friends and churches.


The Radio ministry continues to be a great blessing. People call all day long asking for prayer and sharing praise reports how the radio impacted their life. We would like to ask for a special prayer request. The man who gave our radio covering and protection died from covid. We are asking God to quickly grant us our radio license we applied for 2 years ago. Because of covid the government has stopped working on our license request.


Next week Maricruz and I will be going to the village of Santa Cruz. Maricruz hired a dress maker to make a new dress for each of the widows in Santa Cruz. The dresses are ready and we are excited to take them next week. The widows will also receive new under garments. It is time to buy another ton of corn and distribute it to the widows. I’m happy to say the Lord has provided enough money to feed the widows for the rest of this year.


The covid virus is still really bad in Mexico. People are calling all day long asking us to pray for loved ones. I am always happy to hear when someone gets healed. Often we are praying with families who have lost a loved one. As we minister God’s Love to these families many have given their lives to Jesus.

Sharing God’s Love is what we love to do and we thank you for joining with us in our many Kingdom advancing adventures.

Jesus Loves You!!   We do too!

The Szymanski Family