Prayer request from Rick, Maricruz and Daniel

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe July is here already. June was a difficult month for us. When we went to pick Daniel up after his YWAM graduation we were in a car accident. We were at a stop when we were rear ended by a car doing 40 MPH. Daniel being a young man is now doing fine. Yesterday we took Maricruz to see a surgeon. Mari has 3 herniated discs in her neck pushing on her spinal cord. Mari is having a very difficult time sleeping and she is in a lot of pain. Tomorrow we go for a second opinion with another surgeon.

I’m still healing up myself. I’m dealing with whiplash and all my activities are affected. My low back is out and it takes everything I have just to move about. We would appreciate your prayers.

The Radio ministry continues to be a blessing. While we are healing up most of the radio programing is automated.

The three of us will be back in Oregon August 19th. We look forward to seeing Family and Friends.

I hoped to have more to report. Rest and recovery is what we need most at this time.

Thank You for your prayers.

Love Rick Maricruz and Daniel