Update for the Szymanski Family

Dear Friends,

It’s 3:00 AM and the neighbors are having a loud party. I can’t sleep so I prayed a while and decided to use this time to write a ministry update.


We spent 3 weeks in Oregon ministering with several different churches. I am always blessed when we are received with all the love our friends share with us. It was our first ministry trip to Oregon since the pandemic started. The Lord showed up in each meeting we ministered in. I really love praying for people. It was just great ministering to others and receiving ministry as well. We had the pleasure to lead people into a relationship with Jesus. Were were able to help people deepen their relationship with Jesus. I was also able to help some people with deliverance.


We were encouraged seeing so many of our friends and making new friends on this trip. We were sad that we couldn’t see all of our friends as we hoped to do. Oregon is such a beautiful state to live in. Oregon will always be my home. We were able to get a couple days free to visit silver creek falls and enjoy a fantastic drive to the coast with friends. We were invited to several BBQ’s. We so enjoyed sitting out doors visiting with friends. We haven’t been to a BBQ or visited with a group of friends since the Pandemic started. I want to say thank you all for making our trip home so wonderful.


The radio ministry is still growing. Maricruz really puts her heart and life into the radio. We are still waiting to hear from the government about our Radio License. That government office has been closed since the pandemic started. 

FOOD for the needy:

A few days ago we were able to take another load of food to share with the widows that we support each month.

It is now 4:00 AM and the party outside is starting to quiet down, I’m going to try and get some sleep now.
Jesus Loves You !

The Szymanski Family