The Szymanski Family

Missionaries to Mexico

Hello Friends,

It’s time to share whats been going on with our family and what we have been up to. I’m going to start with the difficulties we are dealing with our health. About 5 Months ago we were in a car accident while visiting California. Maricruz and I are dealing with sever neck injuries. Maricruz and I consulted with two surgeons.Both surgeons agreed Maricruz and I both need surgery. They told me that they need to remove and replace 3 of the discs in my neck. Both Maricruz and I are dealing with lots of pain and we have had to slow way down to try and heal up. We would appreciate your asking Father God to heal us.

Our son Daniel has been a great help in this time. Daniel has been helping out with the radio ministry. You may remember two years ago Maricruz won an award for having the best FM radio station in Latin America. We just got word that Maricruz has now been nominated for the best Web Radio Station. The Lord has been so gracious to show His approval of how we minister to His children.

The radio ministry is just part of how we love Gods children. Another part of this love is caring for the needs of widows and orphans. You all know how we love to feed and cloth the poor even more how we love to minister to the poor and share the Fathers Love with them. Every Christmas we spend in the jungles with the Mayans is special to us. We are now starting our Christmas fund raising for the widows and orphans. Our goal this year is $2,500. We will be purchasing food to make food boxes for the widows. We hope to have the funds to buy small gifts for the poor children along with 500 pounds of candy.

There are no big ministries that go into these small villages we minister in. We are the missionaries in their area. The gifts we bring for Christmas are the only gifts they will receive. The families are so poor they can’t afford sandals for their children. Every one looks forward to Christmas knowing that the Szymanski’s will be bringing them gifts from the body of Christ in America. I’m asking please help us to bring joy to the widows and poor children this Christmas. If God so chooses to bless us beyond The $2,500 we will expand  into a new village with Gods love. There are many villages that have not yet received Jesus. You know that your missionaries can only go as far as resources will allow.

Jesus Loves You !

The Szymanski Family

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Thank You very much.