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it is difficult to wait an entire quarter to share the great work that is ongoing and how God has blessed His work.
The classroom block consisting of six large classrooms now has a foundation and the walls are going up; a very labor intensive effort. After French floors were poured, then the raising up the walls to lintel, then roofing levels.
The classroom is the first building of five with the others following close behind. Big steps must be taken to get the school ready for the students and staff (some of who will reside on the school premises) to help with the spiritual process of healing.

The students will need a lot of help; both physically and spiritually.
Because the wards are coming out of very abusive and hopeless situations with fearful threats of madness or death constantly over their heads, the love of God will be most important to see them through to complete healing and wholeness. Teaching them an employable skill is secondary to this. With man, it is impossible, but the Word of God says, the truth will set them free in Jesus’ Name. God desires all captives free in body, mind and spirit; free of fear and intimidation and safe in the arms of God. Interviewing of the applicants will take place in the next few months in anticipation of a September 2022 opening.

Membership Drive—17,399 and Counting!

The team from Fafaa 100.3 FM have reached the communities of Abor, Afife, Akatsi, Dodorkorpe, Havedzi, Klenormadi and Avalavi to take application for new members. What is the Membership Drive and what is expected of the members? Are there advantages to belonging to this ever-growing Social Intervention Organization?
Let’s liken this membership to being a very large, spiritual watchdog or neighborhood watch program. Since our goal is to promote peaceful coexistence, the members agree to promote peace in their community. If they observe someone bringing harm, division, evil manipulations against others, they will report them to Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM, Dzodze, where these reports will be verified through investigations and if necessary, intervention will ensue to stop the wickedness and restore peace. The members are from every walk of life; they are Christians, Muslims, idol worshipers, immigration officers, police officers, politicians and chiefs. Members are people who simply want to live in peace and harmony with one another.

The team is going to 34 zones and, in collaboration with the Assemblymen of those areas, coordinate the membership drives to promote peace with every new member. We are delighted to report that those on the side of darkness are shaking now when they hear that Duamenefa Foundation is taking the cases for resolution and some are even giving up before they can be discovered.

All Glory and Thanks are given to God !!!

Praise Reports:

• Location of land / Land acquisition
• Molding of blocks (5000 done)
• Drawings (draft, elevations, site plan)
• Submission of Elevations to Municipality for approval and building permits (granted)
• Spiritual Ground breaking with much prayer, intercession and praise to God
• Marking and digging of classroom block foundations
• Pouring & building foundation
• Bending rods for pillar reinforcement
• Filling in the classrooms with filler dirt for French floors
• Installing iron rods for pillars
• Pouring of pillars
• Raising walls to lintel
• Lintels complete

Prayer Needs:

• Foundation work for second building—bungalow
• Preparing to fill to floor level
• Completing borehole for good potable water

Support Information:

Go to www.paypal.com and send donation to [email protected]

Or send a check or money order made out to:

PO BOX 2717