Apr 14

Troy Guild — Missionary to Mexico

  Mission to the Children
“Changing our world one life at a Time”

It is nice to be so busy doing the Lord’s work. Our ministries are growing, and we praise God for our increase. Yesterday, for the first time ever, we sent twelve youth to camp, six from Astilleros and six from Colima.  Thanks to discounts and donations our children will have a life changing experience at camp. Our Churches are small and when four chartered buses full of youth pulled into the gas station to pick up our kids, it was an impressive sight. 

God is awesome. Thank you all for your support. We are also going to put in our back fence at the ranch soon. Our neighbor’s cows have been helping me cut the grass, but they also eat everything else. We want to start our church beautification project as soon as we get the fences up. We do not have any money to buy plants, but we do have several people who are willing to donate plants.  

About 15 years ago our little church was full of plants, so I am excited to bring back some life to our facilities. Also, I need your prayers; I have been trying for months to get a backhoe to come clean out our drainage ditch in front of the ranch.  This ditch floods into our ranch and will wash out our newly fixed driveway.  Time is short and the rain comes at the end of May. Please pray God will send us a backhoe. Finally, one thing I especially love doing is going to schools and seeing our children perform. Last week me and Lis were invited to kindergarten to watch a spring celebration. I have always had great love for children, and I thank God who has allowed me to minister to so many children in the past thirty plus years. It has been a great pleasure to sow seeds of the gospel in so many young hearts. Please keep my ministry in your prayers. With your continued support we are Changing our World one Life at a Time
Thank you for your Continued Support. Please make checks to Mission to the Children PO BX 211322 Bedford, Tx 76095 orhttps://www.paypal.com/paypalme/missiontothechildren