May 16

Kevin and Sylvia Rosendahl — Missionaries to Mexico

Dear Friends,
God blessings to all of you! Thanks for being a vital part of
Grace Christian Outreach Ministries. Sylvia is getting
stronger from her surgery. After her surgery at Mayo Clinic,
she had no headache or bad tinnitus for four days. The fifth
day she rolled on her left side and all of a sudden, the
headache and bad tinnitus hit her again. The doctor thinks
that maybe the blood patch did not hold. She will see the
doctor again in a couple of months and we will go from
there. We are also checking other options while we believe
for a miracle for her. She has been able to help the ministry
more the past couple of weeks and when she gets tired or
the headache and ringing gets worse, she will take a rest and
lie down for a while and that seems to help some. In reality,
she has come a long way from last year when she could
hardly do anything at all due to her brain being
decompressed from the abundance of spinal fluid in her
brain. Thanks for your continued prayers! Joshua has also
been battling a bronchitis type illness so please pray for his
complete healing as well!

It has been a busy month with GCOM helping with
outreaches in Progreso, Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Gomez
Palacio, Frontera and Monclova. GCOM provided blessing
bags, joy boxes, Bibles, Gospel tracts and booklets, clothes,
reading glasses and blankets and quilts for each outreach. In
total 2620 people were ministered to through these
outreaches and 628 people put their trust in Jesus. Please
pray for all of these new believers, of all ages, to become
strong disciples of Jesus Christ. The work of a missionary is to
equip the national people to do the work of the ministry and
that is what GCOM is doing – preparing leaders and helping
them to do the work of the ministry.

Pastor Kevin sharing God’s word at
an Outreach in Nuevo Laredo.
Pastors packing the van used to
take literature and Bibles to 60
pastors waiting to receive God’s
word to share with their
congregations. The pastors were so
eager to receive God’s word that
they waited from early morning
until after midnight.

On May 15th a group of us head down to minister in the
mountains near Tepic, Nayarit where the Cora and Huichole
Indians live. We will go up four hours into the mountains to
minister to the Cora Indians and then drive four more hours
to where the Huicholes live. We will have a pastor’s house to
stay in while ministering to the Cora but will stay in caverns
with the Huicholes. In Mexico, according to the Joshua
Project, the Huicholes are the most unreached people group
with .1 percent or so Christians. The pastors who are
opening doors for us there tells us that there are no
churches with the Huicholes. We are bringing thousands of
blessing bags with us along with beans, quilts, blankets,
Bibles and Gospel literature. Please pray for God’s
protection and for God’s angels to watch over us as we drive
in the mountains. Also, for God to prepare the hearts of the
people to make Christ their Lord and Savior when they hear
the plan of salvation and for them to see Christ’s love for
them through us as we minister among them. Also, for the
van and trailer to run well and for unity among the group. In
total, on this trip, we will be driving approximately thirty -six
hours. Diesel fuel, which the ministry van uses, is 50 cents a
gallon cheaper in Mexico. Even so, you can see that the cost
of gas for this trip will be expensive. We will be looking at
probably $1500 needed for this trip as the van will be pulling
a loaded trailer for half of those hours. While in the
mountains we will be loading up the van, and also the
ministry truck of the couple from San Antonio who will be
leading us on this grand evangelistic endeavor, with ministry
supplies and be leaving the trailer at the foot of the
mountain. Please pray about helping towards the cost of this
trip and we also want to help with any potential projects
that may show themselves to us while in the mountains.

I battled to get a car and trailer permit for this trip but
thanks to the Lord, Bob and Marilyn Nordaune, were led to
drive our gray trailer from Canby MN to Laredo, TX so we
could get the previous car and trailer permit cancelled and a
new one put on for this trip. They also brought many
blessing bags and

much literature with them in the gray trailer. Other friends of
the ministry, Randy and William Kamrath, are driving the gray
trailer down to Georgetown, TX, near Austin, where we will
meet them with our white trailer that is in Laredo, Tx. We will
change trailers and we will bring the gray trailer, full of
blessing bags, to Nuevo Laredo and then on to Tepic while
Randy and William will pick up water bottles and caps for their
water business in Canby, MN.

Thanks as well to all those people who helped in one way or
the other with donating ministry supplies to GCOM and also
to those who helped with loading or unloading ministry
supplies either in Canby, MN or in Laredo, TX or Omaha,
Nebraska. All these ministry supplies are in Mexico and 99% of
the supplies are already being used.
Thanks for your partnership with GCOM and please know
how much we thank God for all of you. Everyone helps in
different ways but together God uses all of us to do amazing
things, to bring many people into a relationship with Jesus
Christ and to make disciples who make other disciples.

In Christ’s Love,
Rev. Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl

Ministry Needs

  • $1500 towards gas, lodging, etc. for this upcoming trip tp the
    Huichole and Cora Indians and to minister in Guadalajara
  • $1500 towards projects while ministering to the Cora and
  • A cost- efficient car for the daughter of a pastor we work with in
    Nuevo Laredo. She is going to college and needs her own car.
  • A van for a ministry that provides food to feeding centers in
    Central Mexico. Now he borrows a vehicle to drive the food
    down to the feeding centers several times a year
  • Mission groups to come to Mexico in the fall to use their gifts
    and talents to minister to the Mexican people
  • Bibles are always needed as they are like gold in Mexico.

Prayer Needs
− For divine protection as we drive through Mexico and up into
the mountains, where the roads are not good at all. Also,
protection from sickness,
− For unity among the ministry team
− For God to prepare the hearts of the unreached people to
make Jesus their lord and Savior
− For better lodging conditions than we expect while in the
− For the outreaches, Bible College graduation and pastor’s
conference in Guadalajara to bear much fruit
− For abundant provision for the trip and for projects in the
− For the van and trailer to run well and not need any repairs
while on the trip
− Favor with important paperwork for the ministry missionary
− Favor getting our ministry AR and AC nonprofit status in