Bro Mike: A Little Kneeology May 1 Post “Get out of my way and let me be God!”

Psalm 46:10 (NLT) 10 “Be still, and know that I am God!
I sometimes take this verse to mean to me, “Get out of my way and let me be God!” or “Get out of the way and I will show you who I am”.   Either way, we, whether we admit it or not, will find ourselves the greatest obstacle in the way of God’s work.  It is not that He can’t or won’t overcome our being the obstacle but He does find it necessary for us to realize, for our own well being, that He is God and capable without us.  In fact, it is often the problem of many of our ministry efforts, that we get in the way of God’s working by displaying little or no faith, or altering His blueprint for the ministry to which He calls us or a great factor, going on anyhow even though He didn’t call us.

Overzealous church folk kept me from knowing God through Jesus Christ for almost half of my adult life.  Plain and simple, they got in the way by their own designs of God’s design for my life.   It was the God of the church that I was seeking to know, not the church!  I wanted to know Christ, not religion or churchliness.

I was turned off by preachers who wanted the tell me about their church, as I was wanting to hear about God and the path to Him.  Likewise, I am more interested in how God is using a certain ministry to meet the needs of the people and introduce them to Him through Christ than I am about pedigrees and degrees of the ministers.  They can only be a blessing if they get out of the way and let God bless them.   It is just my opinion, but, I feel the success and failure of many of today’s ministries are determined  by their willingness to let be God be God.  I learned a long time ago that at any board or council meeting I attend or have anything to do with organizing, I invite God to be the moderator.

I heard a biker minister say concerning his club’s success in ministry was that they kept JC in charge of the MC.  In other words, they stepped aside from themselves and allowed God to be God.    One aspect of doing so is that the successful-ness of the ministry is that God does not fail; God does not run out of money; God does not allow the world to interfere with what He has determined to do. Therefore, if we will step aside from self and let God be God, if the ministry-calling and work is of His design, it will be a success in accordance to the way He measures success.

It is an awesome thing when He even takes over something we designed and redesigns it for His purpose, once we get out of the way.   In some of the problems that folks have shared with me concerning their ministries, it is often very visible that they are in the way of God doing a powerful work with their mess, and once again, I say it is awesome how He will take our messes and work miracles.   Far too often as we begin a partnership with God in our ministries, He becomes a silent partner or we seek the controlling interest.    I often pray to God for Him to not be subtle in letting me know when to shut up and be still, when to get out of the way and let Him be God.

Yours in Christ,  NOTW

Bro. Mike