May 27

Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries Update

Always with you

The Gospel of John is more informative
when it comes to the resurrection of
Jesus. It provides us with
valuable details about Jesus’s
appearances to His disciples
after He rose from the dead. It is
notable that He was appearing
to them when they were less
prepared to see Him and then
disappear in the same way. Yet,
with every His appearance He
was confirming an important
truth – He is with them all the
time! He did so for 40 days till
they all were trained that His
presence with them is always.
Then, with that truth being
taught, they changed the world.

Easter Service and Workshop
We had a great Easter service
last month. A few non-Christian
relatives of our members came
to service. A young couple came
who were trying to restart their
relationships. They were
especially sensitive to grasp
everything what was around
them. Please pray for this couple
to accept Jesus as their Savior
and work out their problems in
marriage. Workshop was a great
blessing too. Brothers, who
could come, shared mostly their
problems. We sat together to
pray for each other needs and
then listened to the Lord.
Although, at some places we are
seeing fruit, after many years of
hard work. We are planning to
make extra efforts to make one
trip a month to help these new
believers mature in faith and
make them disciples of Jesus

Final Thoughts
Please continue to pray for our
financial support. As many of
you know, we’ve faced some
unexpected problems associated
with cards, banks, and transfers
as result of the sanctions. We
now have it under control. But
we still have few dents in our
financial state to be addressed.
Thank you, Rev.John Lindsay,
the MacVeans, and Julia Gaines
for your generous gift in April.
That was a great surprise to see
this as the answer to our
sudden need.

Friends and Family
Tim shared about Jesus first
time. He told his friend that he
needs to accept Jesus to his
heart to not go to hell. We also
praise the Lord for increasing
number of new friends that he
has through various classes and
activities. Please pray for his
final exams in May and June.
Thank you so much for your
prayers and support for us. We
truly cherish our friendship and
co-working for the Kingdom.
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