UFA Bible Ministries — Stas Karpenko

The churches…had peace

If you take out the names
reading the gospels and the
book Acts, you may get a
feeling you are reading the
same book! Preaching,
persecution, healing, raising
from the dead. Well, the
answer is on the surface – it is
the same Jesus in all these
books. He was bound by time
and place in the gospels and He
was unbound in the Acts. But it
was still the same Jesus. We
live in the era when He is not
bound by time and place. He
wants to continue doing the
same things but, this time,
through us. And, there is a
constant writing of the book
Acts going on, this time,
including our lives.

Family Summer Camp

Our highlight of the year is
coming up. The dates of the
camp, June 26-31. Please be in
prayer for spiritual protection
of all participants. Pray for safe
travels of everyone to the site.
Pray for all necessary equiment
to come. Also, pray that those
non-Christians there may see
the light of the gospel in the
camp. Pray for those who are
born again to grow spiritually.
Finally, pray for us to “present
every man perfect in Christ”.

Other Prayer Points

As we wrote to you previously
we got involved with children
and teens in our neighborhood
during the lock down. Now we
meet with them every night for
some games and fellowship.
That leads us wanting to make
a next step – make a vbs type
program. Please pray for their
sensitivity to the good news.
Pray for their parents to give
their permission to continue to
meet with us.
Pray for preparation and a fresh
start of a next year for our ESL
school. As I wrote we need to
come up with a new name for
the school. There might be
some other adjustments that
we will have to make. Pray for

Friends and Family

Tim has passed his finals. Big
relief for us and time to
recuperate before the new
school year. Liliya dad’s health
continues to deteriorate.
Please be in prayer for that
We thank God for each of you
who dedicated time, talents
and treasures for the cause.

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