New Hope Children’s Foundation — David and Rose Ford


My wife’s Rose’s recent mission trip to Nicaragua changed lives… including her own!!!
We used to struggle for interpreters when we started New Hope back in 2001. But, over the years, things changed until… we are blessed to have our daughter Charity interpret for us. We have been proud of how her grasp of the Spanish language has grown over the years. What a blessing Charity “has been” and “is” to the ministry of New Hope in Nicaragua.

Charity and Rose
Rose praying for the children

I turned “73” this year with Rose turning “70.” Neither of us plan on letting up or slowing down. As long as we have breath and a heartbeat, we will continue doing our best to forward the Kingdom of God around the world!
And, New Hope is not slowing down. It’s still full speed ahead!

Since Charity has been spending so much time now in Nicaragua, working with the ministry and directing New Hope, I have taken the load off of her of producing News Break every month. Sorry about the delays in the past. I plan to update you every month.


This year has been one of New Hope’s most challenging years. However, if there are never any battles, there will never be any victories!
Ever since Covid raised its ugly head in 2020, it has been so difficult for the teachers and the students to be faithful in school attendance.
In the midst of their poverty, who would think that they would face another serious opposition.
And then there are the challenges Nicaragua is facing that often seem to be growing day-by-day. This has also made things very difficult for New Hope’s ministry there.
But, through it all, God has been faithful! No doubt what the devil meant to be the end is only the beginning of a new and great chapter in the lives of the children we work with!
To it all we say, “TO GOD BE THE GLORY.”


It has been especially difficult for school now with our children, as the middle section of this part of our school is not finished. The truth is… New Hope has been without finances to move forward on this for several months.
As many of you know, our roof that was over this area was caving in. It was truly a sad situation. As they say in Nicaragua, the volcano ate it.
We are less than five miles from the Masaya volcano, which is still active. Since the wind often blows the volcano smoke in our direction, whatever we do in El Crucero is under constant attack. The acid in the air is constantly working against what we do.
After several months of not using my guitar, when I would open my guitar case, the strings, being steel, would almost be disintegrated. It’s hard to think it would permeate a hardshell guitar case, but it does.
After battling to save our roof of the school for some 15 years or so, it finally succumbed to the elements.

Now, we are rebuilding what we need in the middle of where our gym used to be with concrete. We are using wood for the structures of the classroom roofs so that we will never have this problem again.
Thanks for “agreeing with us in prayer” for the financial needs to be met so we can finish the areas in the school that must to be taken care of.
Although building has stopped… in Jesus Christ’s name the building must go forward!!!

Thanks so very much for
enabling New Hope to continue supporting the
children of Nicaragua.
Over the past 16 years hundreds of students have gone forth to share Christ’s love in Nicaragua.
Those of you who give monthly are a “vital link in the chain” to making this happen.