Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries

A few lessons we learn as we read through Acts 12. One of the most powerful: sometimes God start working with the first words his people say in prayer. Peter’s deliverance from high security Roman prison occurred at the same time when the church was praying. The church is Jerusalem was grieving the recent death of James. That was a big blow for the believers because he was one of the pillars. They prayed but no answer. And this prompted them to think that this might be not the time. We prone to think that God’s work is always slow and long. But we have to realize that sometimes God does it with the first word we utter. He needs his Body – the Church, to co-work with him for the kingdom goals. And when his church does great things happen.

ESL ministry

Please, welcome Start Language School! We’ve finally come up with a neutral name for our language courses. We hope it will keep us safe and unharmed as we’re trying to preach the gospel in our limited abilities. Pray for new people come to us and existing get closer to us and to the Lord. Continue to pray for wisdom and creativity in this endeavor.

Harvest Days

Harvest Festival is coming up in October. Historically, it’s one of a big celebration for evangelicals in Russia. Every church or a group makes its own arrangements as for when this day will be marked. The secondary goal for that is to make it easier for believers from different churches to visit each other. It will be on Sunday, October 2nd in our fellowship this year. Then, we are going to visit a few groups. Pray for those special days as for opportunity for outreach. Pray for those who close the kingdom to step out and come to service. Pray for services to be bright and the message powerful.

Men’s Club

Please pray for this ministry to resume. And when we resume we could see everyone healthy and in good spirit. From our experiences, Satan often uses summer recess for stealing the sheep. Pray for all new folks to come and the new ones. Our first meeting will be on October 1st.