Troy Guild — Missionary to Mexico

Mission to the Children

“Changing our World one Life at a Time”

We had a major earthquake on Monday.  Hundreds of houses were destroyed, but numbers of death and injuries were small. Thank you, Lord, for your protection.  Several churches have been destroyed. Thankfully the ranch did not have any damages. However, our church In Villa Alvarez was damaged. We will have to replace several walls, and fix the roof. We Had the civil engineers come out and inspect our church and they found all our cement beams crossing the sanctuary have many cracks and will have to be repaired.

They did say we can continue to have services, but there are some places we will have to close off for fear of falling concrete. They are also sending our results for a further study to determine how to best repair the structure.  We have a lot of work to do so please pray God send us support. We have to get the church repaired before the damage worsens.

Let me explain my Church situation. When I married Lis, she was in Charge of three churches that her father started. (Suchitlan, Coquimatlan, and Villas de Alvarez). We oversee all the churches, and we have a pastor in Suchitlan.  Our pastor in Coquimatlan, just left, so including the ranch we will preach in three churches each week. We also have some more good news; on Sept. 3rd We took food to the hospital to feed those in need. We fed around 50 people and it was a real team effort.  We also set up an area and prayed for all those who wanted prayer. Also, thanks to a Donation we were able to buy three carts of food to feed four families.  We also helped feed another thirty people at the Ranch. People in our churches are suffering and they work so hard, but they have so little. Times are tough here. Me and Lis celebrated our One-year anniversary on 9/11. It has been a wonderful year, and I am so blessed to have her. We went to Guadalajara to celebrate. While we were there, Lis’ brother, who also pastors a church started by their father, had a Christian block party to Celebrate the New year.  It was awesome; They fed around 350 people, and Lis was the featured singer.  She sang several Christian Mariachi songs; she did a great job and has a wonderful voice.

Also, Last week at the ranch I led a young man to Christ. Please pray for him.  We are also starting a new ministry to help feed the needy people in our churches and community, and it is named a “Box of smiles”. The Idea is as we receive designated donations, we will buy boxes of food and give it to needy families. My heart was broken last month when a Lady in our church prayed for the offering and said, “help us to be generous and strong when our money runs out on Thursday and we get paid on Saturday”. Here people buy food each day, and do not store food in their house. What broke my heart was that she didn’t pray for food; she prayed, help us be strong and generous when we have nothing. Please support this new ministry by designating a donation to “Box of Smiles”. We are also starting an earthquake fund to repair our church so designated your donation  to EARTHQUAKE. Thank you so much for supporting my ministry, and helping us “Change our World on Life at a Time”. Please make checks to Mission to the Children PO BX 211322 Bedford Texas 76095 or